These 6 Workouts Can Be Done Right On Your Couch, & Yes, They Do Count As Exercise

Ever have that feeling when you're watching the Olympics like you should be working out, or at least stretching, but in reality you're just laying around eating chips? Yeah, me neither. But if you do ever feel that pull to work out when you're just lying around at home, yet simply cannot get out of your comfy pants, worry not. I have the solution for you, and it involves workouts you can do on your couch.

Say what!? Yes, friends, it may sound like the newest development in laziness, but in reality, you can get your heart rate up and your strength training on absolutely anywhere, even your own living room. And while it might seem like it's not enough to "count" as exercise, trust me, you'll feel the fatigue. And remember, any kind of movement is exercise, and any kind of stretching or shaking you like to do is rad, no matter where you are.

So, during the next commercial break while you're waiting for those incredible figure skaters to grace your TV screen again, challenge yourself to get in a few reps so you can stay on top of the Winter Games while also getting a good workout in. And let's be real, home workouts are really where it's at.

Tricep Dips
Fitness Untamed on YouTube

Sitting with your back against the edge of the couch, place your palms on the edge. With your feet on the floor and knees bent, lift your hips so your triceps are supporting your weight. As a note, you want to make sure you're not internally rotating your shoulders, but instead have them rolled back with your shoulders down, and keep your arms next to your body. Bend your arms so your waist is "dipped" down, then push back up.

Again, be mindful of your shoulders, and make sure they don't ride up toward your ears.

Supported Standing Push-Ups
Stylecraze Fitness on YouTube

So, these you might have to just move over toward the wall to do, but you can also try a modified version against the back of your couch.

Place your hands on the wall or the back of your couch, and keep your feet parallel, either hip-width apart or together. Do a regular push-up, and if you're using the couch and are at more of an angle, keep your upper arms close to your body.

Some Simple Leg Raising
Ekhart Yoga on YouTube

Lay on your back, and make sure your neck and spine are in alignment. Press your palms into the couch cushions, keeping your belly button pressed toward your spine. Flex your foot and lift, then point your foot and bring it back down. Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.

You can also follow along with the above video, and switch or scissor your legs one right after the other. If the couch feels too soft, move onto the floor.

Side Crunches
Elite Men's Guide on YouTube

Lay down on your couch on your right side, and keep your legs together and knees bent. Place your left hand behind your head with the elbow pointing up. Then, place your right hand across your tummy for support.

Using the side of your stomach, or the oblique muscles, bring your rib cage toward your hip by lifting your shoulder up and over. Lower down and repeat!

Toe And Heel Raising on YouTube

This move is really good for the calves, despite how terribly simple it seems. Trust me, this one burns.

Seated on the edge of the couch with a straight spine and your feet parallel on the floor, keep your hands in your lap, and lift your heels off the floor onto the tips of your toes. Rock your feet back, lifting your toes and keeping your heels on the floor.

Donkey Raises
vicky justiz on YouTube

Get yourself onto all fours with a strong, elongated spine, either on your hands or coming down to your elbows. Keeping the leg rotated inward, lift the right foot toward the ceiling, pulsing your heel up 10 times, then returning to all fours. Switch sides, then repeat.

So, still feeling lazy?