6 Winter Solstice Activities To Ring In The Icy Fun With Your Girl Crew

Winter is coming! No really, it is. The Winter Solstice, aka the first day of winter in the Northern hemisphere, begins on Thursday, Dec. 21 this year. It's also referred to as the shortest day of the year, but don't worry, we're not losing any actual hours in the day. The shortest day just means that the amount of sunlight that day will be the shortest we're going to receive all year. So, most of the day will be dark. The best way to celebrate the start of winter and the shortest day of the year is with your girl crew doing some Winter Solstice activities, of course.

The Winter Solstice is not known for being a big party day. The darkness and cold weather makes The Winter Solstice more of a quiet and reflective day, but that doesn't mean you can't still celebrate with your besties. You can have a chill hang with your favorite crew with activities that incorporate the darkness and weather outside that also ring in the icy fun that comes with winter.

Actually, this year, The Winter Solstice falls on what astrologers are saying will be the worst day of the year. So, you'll definitely need your squad by your side to make it out on top. They say it's going to be the worst, but you can totally make it the best. A group text needs to be sent out ASAP for a Winter Solstice hang with your besties doing any of these six activities.

Make S'mores Around A Cozy Bonfire

A Winter Solstice tradition is actually the burning of a yule log. You and your crew can keep that tradition alive by having a bonfire, which is pretty much burning a yule log. You can go around telling ghost stories, or just Tinder ghosting stories, while roasting marshmallows.

Host An Indoor Holiday Movie Night

When it's dark and cold outside, the best place to be is inside, snuggled warm with your besties. There are so many Christmas classics that need to be watched this time of year, so this is the perfect excuse to finally get together and have a movie marathon. You can even make a blanket fort on the floor of your living room, and have everyone dress up in their favorite onesie pajamas. Don't forget some festive Instagram captions to celebrate the day.

Take A Stroll Through The Neighborhood To Look At The Christmas Lights
Victoria Chudinova/Fotolia

The night comes early on The Winter Solstice, so it's prime time to go looking at all of those beautiful Christmas decorations in your neighborhood. There's always that one neighborhood that truly goes above and beyond with Christmas lights, and you simply have to see it. Take your friends on a magical trip to Candy Cane Lane to see the lights, and truly get in the holiday spirit.

Head To The Park For Ice Skating

A great winter activity is going ice skating, so to celebrate the start of winter, an ice skating trip is essential for you and your girls. Put on your cutest winter clothes, and head to the nearest rink. You know that if you fall down, you'll have your friends there to pick you up. Or, they'll be right there with you, falling down, too.

Use The Night To Call In The Spirits

The Winter Solstice is a perfect time to meditate and partake in an activity like a seance. You and your girl crew can get together to conjure up any spirits, or just conjure up some "spirits" like boozy eggnog. It's a perfect evening to have a girls' night in, and that could mean holding an actual seance or just drinking and reflecting back on the year.

This is also a great time to think of any New Year's resolutions you want to make. Your squad can even make some joint resolutions for the new year to keep each other on track.

Throw A Hot Chocolate Party

A bar sounds like a fun night with your girls, but a hot chocolate bar sounds even better. Set up a station for hot chocolate making in your apartment. You'll need all of the essentials, like marshmallows, whipped cream, cute mugs, and even some cinnamon sticks. You and your friends can attempt to make the perfect hot chocolate for the 'Gram.

If you're 21 and up, you know that a boozy hot chocolate party is the wine night equivalent of The Winter Solstice, and we are totally here for it.