6 Twin Bed Sex Moves That Give Coming Home For The Summer A New Meaning

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After a long school year and a seemingly endless mess of finals — coming home for the summer is the homework-free light at the end-of-the-thesis-paper tunnel. Whether you are just back for a weekend or you are spending the whole season at your childhood home, knowing the best twin bed sex moves can keep your summer love hot, even when you're at your parents' house (but hopefully when they're not!). Coming home for the summer can mean sleeping in, seeing old friends, and spending long days out in the sun. Of course, it can also mean finally getting the chance to get a little frisky with your hometown crush. If you've always crushed on that hot lifeguard at the town pool or your hometown hookup is looking extra cute — summer break can really be the time to get it on with an old flame.

No matter the season, discussing consent and intentions before having sex is always super important. Although it can be super sexy to turn up the heat in your childhood bedroom, you never need to do anything you're not comfortable with.

Here are six sex moves for a twin bed, for when you're home for summer and back in your old bedroom.

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To minimize space and maximize pleasure, have each partner lie on their sides facing each other. Have the receiving partner put their legs abound the penetrating partner's waist, positioning their hips up. Have the penetrating partner enter the receiving partner (with a penis, sex toys, or fingers), as both are on their sides. Facing each other, this position allows for total intimacy and eye contact.

Twin Bed Doggie

Have the receiving partner face the headboard with their back toward the penetrating partner. Entering from behind using a penis, sex toys, or fingers, have the penetrating parter directly in line with the receiving partner. The vertical positioning is perfect for the 38-inch width of an average twin bed.

Kneel Of Fortune

When it comes to sex in a twin bed, conserving space is the the name of the game. Have the penetrating partner kneel in the middle of the bed with their back up straight. Starting on on their knees, the receiving partner approaches the penetrating partner putting their arms and legs around them. Getting frisky while kneeling up — this position hits all the right spots.

Relaxin' Reverse Cowgirl

Have the penetrating partner lying down on the bed, sitting up a little against the head board. Climbing on top, have the receiving partner face the foot of the bed lying down on the penetrating partner. This can be a lying down variation of the classic reverse cowgirl, where both parties are staying lower to the bed.

Spoon Sex

If your snuggle session starts to get a little more frisky — have the penetrating partner enter the receiving partner using their penis, sex toys, or fingers, while spooning. Being on your sides will conserve space on the mattress, and turning the heat up on your spoon session will allow for some ultimate closeness.

Mutual Masturbation

If you're back at your parents' house, you may not feel super keen on really getting down and dirty. Masturbating with or next to your partner, using fingers, sex toys or whatever you prefer, can be a great way to feel good and connected. Whether you're literally getting it on with yourselves together or chatting on the phone as you turn up the heat — touching yourself together can be totally hot.

Whether you're rekindling your spark with a hometown flame or your college boo is visiting you at mom's house — having sex on your childhood twin bed can be a super hot way to get it on. From spoon sex to some reverse cowgirl, these moves will give coming home for the summer a whole new meaning.

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