4 Super Hot Sex Positions For Twin Beds That You Need To Know About Right Now

Anyone who's ever slept in a twin bed knows that they can leave much to be desired when it comes to physical space. It's easy to see why two adults trying to enjoy some sexy time can struggle to get their bump-and-grind on with so little space. And if you're in college (looking at you, dorm room "twin XL"), then I'm sure you've already figured out that getting intimate in small shared spaces can definitely require some creativity. Luckily, sex positions for twin beds do exist, and they're too hot to pass up.

Although the jury is still out on whether or not having sex while your roommate is "sleeping" is messed up — although, I am definitely in support of avoiding it whenever possible — if you have the room to yourself, there's no denying that a small bed can really limit your options when it comes to sex positions. When this is the case, it can start to feel like you have to default to the same old missionary position, simply because that's all a tiny bed will allow for. The good news is, this is absolutely not the case. The next time you're having a hot hookup and bed space is limited, try one of these prime sex positions.


Although spooning might not be the most inventive sex position, if you're living that #twinbedlife, it truly is an indispensable one to have in your arsenal. And TBH, the perks of spooning are endless. It's the perfect balance of intimate and "can't get enough of your bod." Also, because you're both essentially laying on your sides while the big spoon enters the little spoon from the back, it doesn't require a ton of energy and movement, which makes it way easier to keep the volume down. This way, your roommates won't be subjected to too much noise, and you get to have fun sex! It's a win/win.

“You definitely fit [in the bed] if you’re doing that one fluid motion, not a lot of bouncing,” "Dirty Lola", sex educator, producer, and host of the talk show Sex Ed A Go Go, told Women's Health. “And if somebody happens to burst in, it just looks like you’re lying next to each other.

Doggy Style

If your roommates aren't home and you've got the room to yourself, you're probably going to want to take advantage of the privacy by really ramping up the heat. Although doggy style definitely isn't known for being the most intimate sex position, it certainly adds some lusty passion to the mix. The basic position is from behind, but the exact angle of penetration can be modified depending on what feels best for you and your bae.

The Lotus

The Lotus position is ideal for confined spaces like small beds or couches, sexuality coach Tyomi Morgan told Bustle. This position is a riff of "woman on top," where one partner sits straddling the other. But instead of laying completely flat, the partner being straddled sits up or leans against a wall so your torsos are pressed against one another. The nice thing about this position is that both people have easy access to several different erogenous zones.

The CAT (Coital Alignment Technique)

For all of the missionary lovers out there, the CAT position offers a satisfying spin on an old favorite. Although your bodies are oriented in a similar way, in contrast to ordinary missionary, the giving partner's pelvis is angled a little higher, offering more stimulation to the receiving partner because of the increase in friction. According to a study, this increase in clitoral stimulation increased the frequency of female orgasms in missionary position by a reported 56 percent. Yes please!

Even though getting freaky in a small bed might not be ideal, it's totally possible with a little imagination. There's absolutely no reason a twin bed has to stand in the way of you having good sex, so grab your partner, and get nice and close. You got this.

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