The Sex Move To Try If You Haven't Seen Bae In A While, Based On Your Love Language
by Jamie Kravitz

Long-distance relationships are tough. When you're reunited with your S.O. after a long time apart, the sex can either be mind-blowingly amazing or a little awkward. Sometimes it takes a minute to find your groove again. Try one of these five sex positions if it's been awhile since you and your partner last saw each other, and focus on re-establishing intimacy in other ways as well. You want to feel physically close to your partner, of course, but strengthening your emotional connection can make your reunion even more special.

"If you've been apart for a while, focus less on sex moves and more on connection," says sex and intimacy coach Irene Fehr. "The urge and pressure might be to get on with it, but there is often a need for a transition period back to each other after time spent apart. Slow things down so you can connect. Feel each other."

Fehr suggests a few ways to slow down and reconnect with your partner, including easing into intimate conversation, facing each other while clothed or naked and looking into each other's eyes, caressing or softly touching one another, and hugging or holding each other.

"What each person needs to feel close to their partner often depends on their love language," says Fehr. "Someone whose language is touch might need touch to reconnect. A person who values words of affirmation might need to hear their partner's appreciation. If you are in a long-distance relationship, ask your partner ahead of time what would make them feel loved and close so you know how to be with them, and of course share what works for you."

Each of these sex moves is based on one of the five love languages. Discover your love language and then try the move that best fits your needs.

If You Like Touch: Seated Lotus

If your love language is physical touch, this is the move for you. The seated lotus will make you feel intensely connected to your partner. The position allows you to gaze into your partner's eyes, kiss their lips and neck, and make physical contact with their full body.

To do it, one partner sits up in a loose, cross-legged position. The other partner then sits on top of them with their legs wrapped around the first partner's back.

If You Like Words Of Affirmation: Spooning

For those who seek words of affirmation, the spooning position is ideal. Have your partner take the role of the big spoon, and curl up next to them as the little spoon. They can use their hand to stimulate you manually, use their penis or a strap-on to give you penetrative pleasure, or both.

At the same time, your partner is in the perfect position to whisper sweet nothings into your ear. They can be dirty or stick to the PG version of how you make them feel. However you choose to do it, this position has the ability to turn you on while making you feel loved and validated.

If You Like Acts Of Service: Kinky Missionary

The acts of service love language means that for you, actions speak louder than words. Skip the small talk and let your partner show you just how much they adore you with the kinky missionary position.

Lay down on the bed with your arms above your head. Your partner can hold your wrists, handcuff you, or tie you to the bed — whatever you're both comfortable with. Because you can't use your hands, it's on your partner to make you feel amazing through their touch alone.

If You Like Quality Time: Face-To-Face

If your love language is quality time, you need a position where you feel like you have your partner's undivided attention. Enter the face-to-face.

For this move, you and your partner both lie on your sides facing each other. Bend your leg so it rests on your partner's hips. Hold them tightly and slowly move against them as they move against you, rocking back and forth. In between kisses, tell your partner what you love and missed about them, and let them share the same with you.

If You Like Gifts: Sex Toy 69

If receiving gifts helps you feel loved, tell your partner you want them to bring home a sexy surprise the next time they visit. Let them choose a toy to incorporate in the bedroom, with the caveat that they have to use it on you. Return the favor by utilizing a toy of your choice in the sex toy 69 position.

Lie facing each other in a sideways 69, but use the toys on each other instead of your mouths. With a little help from a vibrator, your partner can give you the gift of orgasm — again and again.

Your love language is applicable in more ways than you've probably considered. If you and your partner have been apart for awhile, use your love languages to heat things up in the bedroom and make this reunion your best one yet.

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