Your Zodiac Sign Reveals Which Love Language You're Most Likely To Prefer

Different people require different ways of receiving love in relationships. The understanding that each person has one of five "love languages" is now understood as a Thing, thanks to Gary Chapman's popular book The Five Love Languages. People commonly ask one another what their love language is as a way to understand their needs when in love. So of course, why not combine that with astrology and find out your love language based on your zodiac sign?

"I went through 12 years of notes that I had made when counseling couples and asked the question: When someone said, 'I feel like my spouse doesn’t love me,' what did they want?" Chapman told Verily Mag. "What were they complaining about? Their answers fell into five categories. I later called them the five love languages."

The five love languages are: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. From Chapman's years of counseling, he thinks all have something to gain when understanding another person's love language.

If you're dating someone or in a relationship, if you both understand how you like to receive love, it'll only make your partnership stronger.

I spoke to astrologer Kimberly Peta Dewhirst to find out which love language each sun sign in the zodiac corresponds to. Find below why each sign matches with certain love languages. If you have a SO, read theirs as well so you know how they'd want to receive love.


You're big on Words of Affirmation. If your significant other's saying nice things to you, it'll be a nice bump to your ego. Dewhirst says that your partner should flatter you to to show love, and "the more outlandish the statements, the better!"


You appreciate someone who will show their love to you through "material realms," due to you being an earth sign. That's why Dewhirt says your love language is Receiving Gifts. Also, when you get thoughtful presents from your partner, it signals to you how much they care.


You prefer for your SO to show you affection through Physical Touch.

"What means more is a gentle stroke of the hand followed up by a twinkling gaze," Dewhirst tells Elite Daily. "If they can be quiet for a moment you might have won their heart."


You're big on being with the one you love, so they'll have to spend Quality Time with you to show that they're really in it for real. Dewhirst says your sentimental nature drives you to just want to be with your person.


Dewhirst says that just like Aries, you, Leo, love to have your ego stroked. "While Receiving Gifts could be a good gesture, they'll really adore words that describe their personal talent or stellar qualities," she says, describing Leo's love language of Words of Affirmation. "The more personal and well thought out the boost, the better.


You'll want your partner to show love through Acts of Service, since you're one of the most helpful signs in the zodiac, according to Dewhirst. "The little gestures mean the world, so offer a hand with cooking, cleaning, and everyday tasks," says Dewhirst.


You're all about Receiving Gifts, Libra. Dewhirst says, "Provide this hostess with the most gorgeous bunch of flowers or ask her is there's anything she needs to elevate her environment – beautifully. There's a reason Kim Kardashian has launched fragrances, it's because Libra loves everything to be divine, from scents, to setting, to their language of adoration."


You, Scorpio, want fireworks from your partner's touch. You crave Physical Touch as your love language.

"The most intensely loyal sign in astrology, water sign Scorpio is psychologically probing, deep and highly intuitive," Dewhirst says. "[You] will appreciate the authenticity and sensual nature of a massage, or even the electric feels between two people the first time they touch."


You're an explorer, Sagittarius, and someone who can be spontaneous and travel with you – spending Quality Time together – is sure to win your heart.


Dewhirst says you'll love to be pampered, Capricorn, through Receiving Gifts. Your partner will win mega points by thinking out a gift for you, "It needn't be expensive, but it should show this earth sign you care about their well-being," says Dewhirst.


"Air sign Aquarius relates to people from a mentally stimulated dimension, and will adore fresh perspectives and thought-provoking sentiments that challenge [your] stance," Dewhirst says, describing how you, Aquarius, thrive on Words of Affirmation. "Highly developed and a little aloof, [you're] not needy or sentimental in the way water signs might be."


You're kind of a martyr, says Dewhirst, and you have "the tendency to sacrifice everything for the one [you] love," and you want your partner to do that, too. You want your partner to show love through Acts of Service.

After you've learned what love language you speak, make sure you're aware of your partner's, too – Dr. Chapman told Verily Mag that "rarely do couples share the same love language," so you'll want to learn how your partner prefers to be loved, and you should learn how to speak their love language, too.