6 Traditions To Start With Your Roomie In Your First Post-College Apartment

Moving into your first post-college apartment is a big step into the real world. Finding the right roommate you really get along with (on so many levels) can be tough stuff. When you do end up finding someone you hit it off with (or if you end up living with one of your BFFs), it's truly so exciting — especially if you establish traditions to start with your roommate from the get-go. This will give you many things to look forward to throughout the year.

You will be setting yourself up for success, and also labeling your apartment as the cool place all of your friends will want to visit. Not only will these traditions bring you and your roommate closer than ever before, but they are so fun, that you'll probably want to continue them forever.

Many of these traditions are close to my heart. They're ones I started with my college BFF when we moved into our first apartment together after graduating. It truly was a magical time, and provided for the best living situation I've ever been in. These six traditions are sure to give you and your new roomie some great memories, and will help you both transition into that post-college life in the easiest way possible.

Pancake Sundays

Picking one day out of the week to always have a meal together is a great tradition. You and your roomie can choose what day works best with your schedules, and what's a good meal to share together.

My roommate and I decided on Pancake Sundays. I mean, who doesn't love fluffy buttermilk goodness on a weekend?! Plus, we could get really creative by testing out different recipes each week.

If you're game for making a meal together during the week, but don't really have that extra time to shop, consider signing up for a meal delivery service, like Plated, Blue Apron, or HelloFresh. Seriously, though — what's better than a box of fresh ingredients delivered right to your doorstep after a long day at work? With a wide range of delicious recipes that'll please even the pickiest of tastes, this is an awesome idea for roomie dinner.

Cleaning Day

This is an essential tradition to start with any roommate — deciding on one day of the week to clean the apartment. Make it a fun experience rather than a chore, by creating an awesome Spotify playlist to clean to. Put some of the faves on there, like Britney Spears. Dance around while sweeping the floors, or sing along as you tidy up the bathroom. If you're 21 and up, a rosé break is definitely mandatory.

Movie & PJ Nights

Movie nights are always a must for any roommate situation, but take them to the next level by having them in a giant blanket fort. My roommate always knew exactly what it meant when she came home and saw a giant blanket fort in our apartment — it was movie and PJ night. We streamed some of our favorites while preparing the best snacks and buttery popcorn, of course.

A Weekly Girls' Night In

When your roomie texts you an SOS, that's when you know it's time for a girls' night in. You know you can always count on your girl to come to the rescue when you're having the worst day possible, and she can always count on you.

Start the tradition of being there for each other on stressful days with just a simple night at home. Heck, you can really just make this a weekly plan to catch up with your number one. Paint each other's nails, stream a Real Housewives marathon, and don't forget to pour the sangria if you're 21 and up.

Get Festive For All Of The Holidays You Celebrate

You want your new apartment to feel just like home, and getting festive helps. Even if your family wasn't big on holidays, start now! Have a simple tradition for each holiday spent together.

If you celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, have an ugly holiday sweater party, complete with decorating the tree and making potato latkes. For Halloween, make yourselves some sweet chocolate treats. Getting festive for the holidays is always a fun way to spice things up throughout the year.

Yoga Saturdays

A great way to center yourself after a rough week is with yoga. When your roomie is going through a breakup or had the most stressful week at work, this is when you get to be a superhero. Hold a Saturday morning yoga session in your living room, so the both of you can relax and put any worries behind you.

Find the right yoga video on YouTube to follow along with. After your little workout session, that's when it's time for some smoothies, and to let your main girl vent.