6 Times Life Wouldn't Be The Same If You Didn't Confide In Your Sister

If you have a great relationship with your sister, you know she's ultimate BFF material. Unlike your other friends, your sis is literally family, and you know your family always has your back. For this very reason you spill the tea to your sis without fearing it will be repeated. Every embarrassing story, question, or secret is safely kept with her, and she even delivers the best advice. You obviously trust your friends, but there are certain times you confide in your sister and no one else. Without this valuable resource, you probably wouldn't know how to function.

Not everyone is blessed with a secret-keeping sister, so you must remain humble and remember how lucky you truly are. In fact, your life might be totally different if you didn't have a sister by your side. You especially know these eight circumstances would have ended differently if you didn't have her to help you to navigate them. She is like your handy life hack helper, and just imagine all of the embarrassing stumbles you may have made without her. Even if you fight at times, you'll hug your sis a little tighter knowing how thankful you are to be so close to her.

When You Want Brutally Honest Relationship Advice

Sisters, especially big sisters, can be great resources on relationships. We've all struggled with dating in the social media age, so you both understand and can share your experiences with each other.

You can count on your sister to never hold back when she thinks the person you're dating is a complete tool, or when she thinks you aren't giving someone a fair shot. Sometimes, the generic advice you receive from a friend doesn't quite fit the bill. That's why confiding in your sister will give you the honest insight you really need.

When You're Fighting With Your Friends

When you're fighting with your squad, you can't turn to anyone in that group to vent. You need an outsider who will look at the situation from another perspective — aka, your sis.

Your sister BFF probably even knows your close friend group well enough that you won't need to waste time giving a full backstory on everything. You can jump right into how you're feeling, and you know she'll be there with some of your favorite ice cream for the scoop.

When You're Struggling With Your Parents

No one knows your parents better than you and your sis, so you both hardcore relate when you're fighting with them. Whether it may be a small disagreement, or your parents not liking your SO, you always have your sister to turn to for crucial feedback on how to deal with it.

When You Don't Know WTF To Do With Your Life

We've all been there. Adulthood is difficult AF, and sometimes we're struggling with how to manage it all. I truly believe we're not supposed to have everything figured out, and yet, everyone expects us to.

Your sister understands when the struggle is all too real. You may feel embarrassed talking about these things with your friends, and especially your parents, so having your sister there can help you feel not so alone.

When You Just Want To Vent And Have Someone Take Your Side

Sometimes, we just need that one person who will listen, and be our number one cheerleader. It could even be for the stupid little things like when your roommate doesn't take out the trash. You know it's a tad petty, but you're enraged and need someone to understand, OK?! Even if it's the smallest thing in the world, your sister is team you all the way.

When You Want To Talk — And Not Debate — About Money And Politics

The taboo subject you're not really supposed to talk about at family occasions — money and politics — are fair game for you and your sis. You might have similar ideologies, and even if you disagree, it won't start a heated debate like you might see at the Thanksgiving dinner table. You vent to her about things that are bothering you, without fear of any backlash.