6 Reasons Why 'Harry Potter' Movies Are The Best To Watch On Winter Break

There are many popular movies that stole our hearts in childhood, but only a few are as beloved as Harry Potter. The boy who lived and his adventures have been around for almost two full decades, which is basically your whole life if you're in your 20s. It's a sin to not have seen these movies, and to admit as much will result in many bug-eyes and gasps. But whether it's your 200th time watching them or you've only just started, there's just something about the holidays that almost commands the Harry Potter saga be watched. From the story, to the lovable bunch of friends that is Harry, Hermione, and Ron, it's no wonder why Harry Potter movies are the best to watch during your winter break.

From going to midnight showings when I was young enough to have a bedtime of 8 p.m., to not being able to put down each book in the series, Harry Potter has been at the top of my "most loved movies" list and will stay there for the foreseeable future. While newer versions of that universe are coming out in the form of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, there will always be something iconic about the series that started it all and the characters we've grown to love. Even though Harry Potter weekends are coming to an end on FreeForm, with the last one ever happening this weekend from Dec. 28 to 31, you can always play it on your own and winter break is the perfect time to do so.

The Holiday Spirit
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Since each movie takes place over a course of a year (except for the last two), it shows time markers such as Halloween, Christmas, exams, etc. Because of this, we see our favorite wizards celebrate Christmas often, and most likely associate the series with this time of year because of it. I mean, where else can we get Harry and Ron in matching Weasley initial sweaters? Then there's The Yule Ball, which just screams winter wonderland and drama, much like Christmas with the fam. And the mistletoe scene with Harry and Cho? Cute, even if you don't ship them.

There's also The Order of the Phoenix scene, which is the best Christmas scene, in my opinion. There's family, love, gifts, and a toast to Harry for saving Mr. Weasley's life. They bring on all the good feelings, and they're all perfect for a weekend at home this break.

Perfect For Snuggling On The Couch

Along with showing a ton of scenes in the snow and offering many looks at Ron, Hermione, and Harry in front of a crackling fire, these movies just ask to be snuggled to. Whether you're snuggling on a couch with your blanket, a pet, or someone special, these are long movies that deserve to be watched correctly — savored in warmth with some hot cocoa on hand. And the parts that take place in warmer weather also help those who are suffering from -20 degree weather.

Holiday Magic Makes 'Harry Potter' Magic More Real

The holidays have this amazing way of feeling magical. There's something in the air and in everything we do that just adds to this special time of year. It's no wonder why we love watching Harry Potter during this time (and why it's perfect to do so). While we can't prove that magic exists, watching Hermione master spells or Harry and Ron pick off an ogre definitely heightens your level of belief. These movies are just so good and make us happy; it's bound to mix with the festive spirit in the air and make things even more magical.

There Are A Ton Of Unique Gift Ideas
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Even if you watch them after Christmas and Hanukkah, these movies are chock-full of unique gift ideas. Whether you want to get something for the Potterhead in your life, or you just want to be a gift-giver just like Mrs. Weasley, there is so much content for you to be inspired from. It's also always really funny to see how the characters react to different presents (like Ron, when he thought his mom had accidentally sent him Ginny's dress, when really, it was his dress robe for The Yule Ball).

It's All About Family, And Perfect For Your Family

Muggle or wizard, Slytherin or Ravenclaw, Romione (Ron/Hermione) shipper or not, we can all agree on one thing: The Harry Potter movies are feel-good pieces of entertainment that fill us with love and happiness. Harry, Hermione, and Ron are their own little family that make us laugh and cry, depending on how we're feeling or what movie we're on. The Weasley family is super realistic and makes us remember our own household. Harry's journey while being an orphan and his relationships with Sirius Black and friends will always fill our hearts with sadness, but also joy that it all ended up OK. It's a movie series that the whole family can watch and enjoy together.

It's A Classic Series That's Truly Great For Any Time Of The Year

Despite being great for winter break when you have more time to just veg out and watch eight long movies in full, these are also perfect for whenever. Summer? Yeah, watch them. Halloween? Of course watch them. Valentine's Day? You guessed it — a winner. It works really well during the holidays for many reasons more than what's even listed above, but it also works just for the fact that it's Harry Potter and can be watched movie marathon-style any time, anywhere.