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5 DIY 'Harry Potter' Gifts For The Muggles In Your Life

We've reached December, and that means the frenzy to get gifts picked out and shipped in time for the holidays is shrinking hour by hour. For those who are craft-minded, rather than shopping, have you considered how much less it would cost just to make something yourself? Gifts made with love are the ultimate present, especially when that love can protect you from dark magic and evil wizards like Voldemort. So what don't you handcraft your next DIY Harry Potter gifts for your best loved muggle family and friends?

As we all know, wizards live slightly different lives than you or I. For one thing, there's no television. So that means no Great Holiday Baking Show, no Strictly Come Dancing Christmas specials, and no Food Network to watch Magic In The Kitchen With Molly Weasley. Instead, or wizards and witches pass the time doing hand and needle crafts! In the spirit of that world, we've come up with five handcrafted DIY projects that are perfect to sit and do by the fire, listening to Muggle free radio while watching your wizard children poke and prod at that odd square phone thingy your muggle cousin gave you last year with their wands trying to get it to do tricks.

Check out our ideas:

Cross-Stitched Hogwarts Crest


Hogwarts is Our Home. That's true for nearly every British wizard and witch of the last century, so why don't you celebrate your school pride by cross-stitching the crest?

Over on Etsy, the Stitchering shop has all the supplies you need to make this wonderful artwork. You can either get the pattern as an instant download for $5 (that's 1 Galleon, 19 Knuts), or the full kit with all the supplies for $30 (6 Galleons, 4 Sickles, 1 Knut).

Origami Howler

Do you have a friend who has annoyed you lately, but you still love them, even if they are trouble and do things that cost you money, like crash the only car your owned into a whomping willow?

If so, then this holiday season, make them a howler. This DIY video shows you exactly how. Better than a Christmas card, eh? Best of all, the pattern is free. Even Mrs. Weasley would appreciate that.

House Scarf


From the very first Harry Potter movie, house scarves were all the rage in the knitting community. There have been tons of patterns over the years, including patterns from the original movies with the simple color block, to the later films with the thinner striping.

The thicker, simpler stripes are easier for the knitting beginner, and this pattern from Studio Knit even has the Hogwarts emblem ironed onto the ends, so it's our favorite. Best of all, the pattern is free. Just remember to buy the colors of your recipient's House. Not everyone is a Gryffindor.

Homemade Wand


This is a project straight from the source: Mugglenet, the original fan site for all things Harry Potter. (Sorry Pottermore, they were first.) One of the biggest moments in a wizard's life is when they receive their first wand. So why not be your own Ollivander and craft wands for those who need a bit of magic in their lives?

This is a surprisingly simple yet fun project that is perfect for teens on up, and at the end, all you'll need is someone to duel with.

Weasley Christmas Sweater


Did you really think a DIY list for Potter fans would skip the Weasley sweater? The other emblem for knitters since the very first movie, these rough hewn jumpers made with love in every magical stitch is the best way to show those in your life that you care, and they will always be a part of your family.

The definitive pattern was originally published in Canadian Living back in 2007, and it's one of the most searched Potter patterns on Ravelry to this day. Best of all, it's free. Get those magical knitting needles moving!