You Can Buy These Products With Your BFF’s Face On Them For A Personalized Gift

Your best friend is a friend for life, which means there is absolutely no questioning your loyalty to one another. Through thick and thin, your BFF is the keeper of your deepest, darkest secrets, and they probably knows your Starbucks order like the back of their hand (that last part is a sign of true friendship). Now, you can show your love for your bestie in the biggest way possible by putting their face on a personalized item of your choice. Here are all of the products you can get with your BFF’s face on it, because it really is the best gift of all.

Sure, you could buy your bestie a gift card to their favorite store or take them out for dinner, but who doesn't want to be plastered across an air freshener or couch pillow? Sounds like quite the honor, if you ask me.

In order to get the ball rolling, you should start by rounding up your favorite digital photos of you and your BFF, and make sure they are high-resolution images. If you use low-quality photos, you and your pal may look pixelated and stretched out when printed. I mean, if there’s any place you want to look your very best, it's on an air freshener or luggage cover.

Air Freshener

Fresh Face Air Freshener (Set of Three), $20, Firebox

Show your very best friend just how much they mean to you with this personalized air freshener available for $19.69 from Firebox. This odor-eating picture of your BFF’s beautiful face is truly "scent-sational." Not only will your vehicle smell better than ever before, but now you can enjoy the image of your bestie while you are driving to work, school, or wherever your day takes you.

To create one, you can upload the picture of your choice, and then choose from five scents that include fun options like bacon and coffee.

Luggage Cover

Head Case, $27-$40, Firebox

Packing for an upcoming getaway with your bestie? Strut through the airport in style with Head Case, a personalized luggage cover by Firebox. That’s right, you can upload almost any image you want and place it on your suitcase. If you’re taking a trip with your BFF anytime soon, this is the only travel accessory you are going to need.

Ranging in price from $26.19 to $39.29, you can get your BFF's likeness on a small, medium, or large case.


Mushions, $23-$40, Firebox

Put your BFF’s face on a pillow so you can snuggle up with your favorite friend — even when they aren’t nearby — thanks to this custom cushion from Firebox. Mushion, which starts at $22.69 for a single pillow, is the perfect way to keep your pal by your side at all times. Toss the pillow on your couch, take it with you on your next roadtrip, or give it as a gift. You can do whatever your heart desires with the cushion available as a single item, double, or triple set.

Custom Socks
Divvy Up Socks

Custom Dog Socks, $24-$36, Divvy Up

Maybe your best friend isn't a human. Perhaps your bestie has four legs and is covered in fur. Let's be real, the best kind of best friends are pets. Honor your favorite pal with these custom socks from Divvy Up Socks. Of course, you don't have to upload an image of your dog. You can put the face of your human BFF on there, too. One face starts at $24, and two faces will cost you $30. It's really the best of both worlds.

Face Fan

Graduation Fan Faces, $20-$30, Shindigz

When the weather outside is too hot to bear, you can cool down with a handheld fan dawning your bestie's face. Thanks to this genius creation you'll no longer have to sweat through your next outdoor adventure. Or, you can hold the fan up in front of your face and pretend to be your BFF. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Buy a set of six for $19.99 from Shindigz.

There's nothing like being able to take your best pal with you everywhere you go. So, if you do make a gift emblazoned with your pal's face, you could also make a few extra with your face on it to give to your best friend. I'm sure they'd appreciate the gesture. No matter what personalized gift you surprise your bestie with, they are definitely going to be flattered to know how much you love them.