These Pics Of St. Pat's Day Celebrations In Ireland Will Give You Major Wanderlust

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The perfect way to spend St. Patrick's Day — aka the holiday honoring the patron saint of Ireland — is by packing up your bags and jetting off to Ireland. Seriously, there is no better place to be to celebrate. Sure, you could always take a trip to New York City to see the St. Patrick's Day parade, or spend the holiday at home with some friends drinking some green beer. Those are all great options, but imagine how amazing it would be spending your holiday in Dublin. If you're not convinced quite yet, these photos of St. Patrick's Day in Ireland will have you changing your mind literally ASAP.

Going to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day is a once in a lifetime experience you really should add to your bucket list. Sip a Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse (the place where it's brewed), or march around in a sea of green as you head to the St. Pat's Day parade. If adventure is calling your name, answer the phone and jump on a plane to the place that'll totally fuel your wanderlust. If you need a little extra push out the door, here are six photos of St. Patrick's Day in Ireland that'll have you Irishing you were there.

The Streets Are Paved With So Many Green Hats
alexbetancouurt on Twitter

When heading to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day, don't forget to pack literally everything green in your closet. You don't want to be caught not wearing that choice color on this holiday, especially if you don't want to get pinched. It looks like leprechaun-like green hats are totally in if you need some style inspo.

It's A Perfect Place To Vacay With Your Sisters
alphaphisdsu on Twitter

These ladies are showing us that if you're looking for the best travel buddy, look no further than your sorority sisters. It'll be one of those trips where epic memories are made, so you want to make sure it's with people you really care about. Plus, just imagine the great squad pic opportunities you'll have at the parade wearing green from head to toe.

The Temple Bar Is Where It's At
aamandaasays on Twitter

Temple Bar in Dublin is a popular spot surrounded by cobblestone streets and bars galore. When you're walking through this area, you know it's truly where the party's at. When you finally make the trip overseas, you need to snap a pic in front of Temple Bar to share with your Insta friends, and pair it with the perfect St. Pat's Day caption.

When In Ireland, You Need To Have A Guinness Or Two
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When planning out your menu for your St. Patrick's Day plans, Guinness should be the drink of choice (if you're 21 and up). It's the stout we all think of first, right? It just makes sense that you would want to grab a pint from the place where the Guinness was born when visiting Ireland.

The Guinness Storehouse is even throwing their own St. Pat's Day party with Irish dance flash mobs and DJs on Mar. 17. That sounds way better than the green beer at home I was planning this year.

Heading To The Parade, All You See Is Green
blllyn0mates on Twitter

Just scrolling through pictures of Ireland on St. Patrick's Day looks like a constant party. Everywhere you look, you see a bunch of friends wearing green heading somewhere fun. Now I know, if I'm planning a trip overseas I need to bring all of my best friends, every green item I can find in my closet, and a sense of adventure. Don't you a-green with me?

No FOMO Here At The Parade
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Who doesn't love a good parade? It features music, dancing, floats, and awesome bands. Those are all things I love. When visiting Ireland for St. Patrick's Day, you have to stop by the parade at the St. Patrick's Festival. It's where everyone will undoubtedly make an appearance, so there will be no FOMO when you arrive,

It's a must-do after grabbing a Guinness and wearing that jolly color. Honestly, beers, wearing green, and the parade is the trifecta of the perfect way to spend the holiday.