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6 Personality Types That Want Long-Term Love, Not Short-Term Rewards


Put plainly: There are a variety of different approaches you can take when it comes to relationships. Some may enjoy hopping from one to the next, reveling in the novelty and excitement of connecting with different kinds of people and experiencing new things. Others, however, may be more likely to seek out solid partnerships that they feel confident will last. The Myers-Briggs types that want long-term love are those that value commitment, and may be more likely to see relationships as an opportunity to grow and evolve, rather than a fleeting thrill.

Just to be clear: There is no right or wrong way to approach your love life. There can be pros and cons to each way of doing things, and the important thing is finding other people who share your romantic outlook. This is especially true for personality types who crave long-term relationships. Only when they date individuals who are on the same page can they feel secure — and moreover, fulfilled.

It can be useful to know which types are looking for serious, lasting commitment because this insight may enable you to not only identify your own needs and desires but also to evaluate potential partners with a deeper understanding of your compatibility. Curious about which personalities shun the idea of short-term romances? Here are some types that play the long game.


There’s nothing casual about how Advocates approach relationships. They are super deliberate in their search for the ideal partner and seek out deep, meaningful connections. While they do value physical intimacy, INFJs are dead-set on finding someone with whom they can connect on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level as well.

They are happiest in relationships in which they feel intellectually challenged, as well as a sense of stability.


The Logistician is practical and responsible AF, so it makes sense why they would approach their love lives with a certain level of seriousness. Once an ISTJ has decided to dedicate themselves to someone else, they will work diligently and in an organized fashion on building a strong foundation with that person.

This personality type is extremely hardworking, and that work ethic applies to their partnerships as well, they’re more than willing to go above and beyond to make things work. And given that their communication and listening skills are off the charts, it’s not difficult for them to forge lasting relationships.


Loyalty is one of the ISFJ’s greatest relationship strengths. So, when a Defender falls for you, they’re in it for the long haul. They’re only likely to pursue someone if they see lasting potential with them. To an ISFJ, if there doesn’t seem to be a future, there isn’t really a point. It makes sense that Defenders would prefer to look for long-term love, because this type places a high value on feelings of safety.


This personality type is a tad old-fashioned in how they pursue romance, preferring to follow a slow courting process and gradually establishing a foundation of trust and respect rather than jumping in headfirst.

The ESFJ approaches everything they do with enthusiasm, and relationships are no exception. So, when they really connect with someone, they’ll throw themselves into that romance 100%. Consuls don’t have time for flakiness or f*ckboys. They’re super reliable by nature, and they expect the same kind of dependability from their partners. When an ESFJ says they’re going to call, or promises anything else, you know they’re going to follow through, and it’s precisely that kind of reliability that primes them for lasting relationships.


The Protagonist is happiest in a committed relationship in which they can motivate their partner reach their full potential. As natural goal-setters, they are always looking for ways to be better partners and improve their relationships overall, which is why a short-term romance is less likely to interest them.

The ENFJ’s mindset is very much long-term, and they can easily get caught up fantasizing about (or worrying about) the future. They don’t go about many things in life casually, and that’s true of how they approach relationships as well. They will very carefully choose partners that they know can complement them, and who they can continually grow and evolve with.


Like ENFJs, ENTJs are all about building relationships that include shared goals. They’re planners at heart, so they’re basically hard-wired to think long-term.

Responsible, determined, and commitment-oriented, the Commander does not take dating lightly. Once they have invested in someone, they will take deliberate steps toward building a meaningful, mutually fulfilling bond. And since they’re also competitive by nature, they’re always “in it to win it,” even when it comes to ensuring a lasting romance.

Remember: It’s totally fine if you thrive in long-term relationships, and it’s also totally fine if you don’t. But knowing which category you fall into (and which one any potential bae does) can help you to make more informed decisions about who you date so that ultimately, you can find someone who wants the same things.