3 Myers-Briggs Personality Types That Aren't Into Hookup Culture

If you tend to date people for a while or if you've never really been into one-night flings, there could be many reasons why you aren't into hookup culture. Hookups aren't for everyone, and if you like to see someone for a while before getting physical or you have no interest in being friends with benefits — it's always OK to express what you're looking for in a relationship. Of course, if you're finding that you're drawn to longer term relationships, your Myers Briggs Personality Type may have something to do with it.

Invented by two power women, the Myers Briggs Personality Test compromises 16 different types of personalities. Knowing your personality type can be super helpful in unpacking how you handle love and romance — especially when it comes to something like hookup culture. If you've never been into a one-night stand or if you've always wanted a LTR, knowing your Myers Briggs type can be super insightful in unearthing why. From loving patterns and rules to preferring exclusive relationships, there are a ton of factors to consider for why you may be looking for something a little more serious.

And if you're one of these three personality types, you're probably not into hookup culture.

INTP (Introverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving) — "The Logician"

Like Gucci's 2019 spring collection, INTPs live for a pattern. Loving logic and schedule, INTPs are drawn to long-term relationships that they can really settle into, rather than one-night flings or loose hookups. In fact, INTPs generally don't love playing the field, and will remain #single and #slayingit until they find someone they can really connect with. INTPs have the gift of honesty, and often will directly express what they're looking for to their dates. Creative and driven by big picture outcomes — these logical butterflies are unlikely to get into hookup-culture, as it can be unpredictable at times.

ISTJ (Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging) — "The Inspector"

ISTJs are DTF — that is, of course, if DTF stands for Down To Formally-date. These rule followers are prim and proper (like, literally Queen Elizabeth II is one). With a responsible nature and a knack for keeping things traditional and formal, these logical angles are unlikely to be into hookups. ISTJs have old school values and are likely drawn to monogamous relationships where they can "go steady" with a special someone. Serious and slow moving, these rational beings like to be clear on where they stand with people, which means DTR is a must.

ENTP (Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving) — "The Debater"

Action-packed ENTPs are obsessed with growth. From finding all possible angles to consider to playing devil's advocate until the sun rises, these goal setters are destined for big things and won't stop until they get what they want. With a hunger for more, ENTPs are unlikely to be fulfilled by a hookup, and have desire for a long-term relationship that can really evolve. ENTPs want the best for themselves and the people they love, and will get swept away in thinking about the lavish vacations and adorable dates they can go on with their boo.

Of course, no matter your personality type, it's totally OK if hookups aren't for you. No matter what you're looking for, being clear with your intentions when getting frisky with a new boo can be just as important as discussing healthy boundaries and consent. You deserve to have the romantic life you want to have — and that is something that is true for every personality type.