Couple of dogs with halloween costume
6 Matching Costumes For Your 2 Pups That'll Make You Melt


Deciding on a Halloween costume might be the trickiest thing you'll encounter this time of year, but it's always a treat when you find one you absolutely love. Having a fur baby at home makes the costume dilemma even more difficult. And when you have two pets, you're swimming in a sea of endless possibilities. If you want to make it a family affair, you might want to consider matching costume for two dogs.

You and your best friends may coordinate costumes all the time, so why can't your furry friends do the same? A pooch rocking a costume is already cute enough, but make it two dogs who coordinate perfectly, and you're sure to get everyone aww-ing at the Halloween pawty. You'll be so excited taking your dogs for a walk on Oct. 31, all dressed up in their festive best.

Now, back to decision time. There are so many great pairings to choose from, but to save you from having a truly ruff time picking, I've assembled these six matching dog costumes for you to browse through. Get as many snaps of your pups as you can, and post them on the 'Gram right away with a punny caption like, "Happy Howl-oween!"

Woody And Buzz Lightyear From 'Toy Story'

Your pups are the best of friends. It's totally fitting that one of your fur babies would be Woody and one would be Buzz for Halloween. By posting a photo of your dogs dressed as Woody and Buzz, you might find that your likes go "to infinity and beyond."

Pennywise And Georgie From 'IT'

If you want to go the scary route for Halloween, this coordinating costume idea from the movie IT won't disappoint. Dress up one of your pups as Pennywise, and your other furry friend can be Georgie in his yellow raincoat. I know it's supposed to be "scary," but you'll be laughing and smiling because they look so darn cute.

Spider-Man And Iron Man From 'The Avengers'

Marvel crushed it this year with Avengers: Endgame. Since it was such a big movie, you're sure to see a ton of Avengers costumes for Halloween. Though, no one will be as cute as your two dogs dressed as Spider-Man and Iron Man.

A Pirate And A Mermaid

Argh you ready for Halloween? Well, you will be with these pirate and mermaid costumes for your dogs. I think any dog costume that makes a pup look like a walking person from the front is downright adorable. Having your other pup rock a mermaid costume will immediately win your heart over. I really can't wait to sea this duo.

A Latte And A Doughnut

October is the season for sippin' Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Go with the latte theme by dressing your dogs up as a latte and a doughnut. I especially love the little foam ruffles on the latte dog collar that you surely doughnut want to miss out on.

A Burger And A Hot Dog

Summer may be over, but these hot dog and cheeseburger costumes for your pups will keep the good vibes flowing. Plus, they're just too cute for words. (The best part is one of your dogs will be one hot dog (literally) in this costume.) You could even get in on the matching game by dressing up in a French fry costume.