These last-minute 2020 meme Halloween costumes are so on point.

These Easy Last-Minute Halloween Meme Costumes Pretty Much Sum Up 2020

by Daffany Chan
Johner Images/Johner Images Royalty-Free/Getty Images

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it's almost time to rock your best costume. If you haven't come up with an idea for what to wear yet, don't fret. There are plenty of last-minute meme Halloween costumes that'll have you and your pals laughing. Here are the top picks for the big day.

As you plan your costume, make sure you also keep in mind CDC guidance that advises against in-person gatherings. Thankfully, these costumes will be a hit over Zoom as well. If you're in a scramble to get a costume for Halloween on Oct. 31, you can easily put together a get-up based off any of the many all too real memes that 2020 provided. From quarantine Zoom meetings to Carole Baskin stealing the show in Tiger King, there are plenty to choose from. The best part is, you can personalize any of the costumes using items you have at home. If you're ready to recreate your favorite meme of the year with very little effort, check out these ideas.

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1. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder Meme

Dolly Parton got the internet buzzing in January when she shared an Instagram collage that quickly became a viral meme. The four personalities meme, which features the different sides people show for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder, had just about everyone joining in on the fun.

You can become the meme this Halloween by grabbing this t-shirt, which features a template with the four social network platforms. You'll be able to fill out template however you like, such as printing out photos and pasting them on the t-shirt, or hand-drawing in the boxes.

2. Carole Baskin

Tiger King got everyone talking about Joe Exotic and his larger than life story. If you couldn't get enough of the Netflix documentary, you can join the animal world this holiday and dress up as Exotic's arch-enemy, Carole Baskin.

As evidenced by Saturday Night Live's take on Baskin, all you'll need to do is grab this shirt and flower crown combo to transform yourself into the big cat enthusiast.

3. Zoom Memes

The coronavirus pandemic certainly put a damper on everyone's plans this year. Though Zoom made it easy to keep up with work and school, not everything always went according to plan on the video teleconferencing platform.

If you'd like to capture the struggles of virtual meetings, you can pick up this "You're on mute," shirt, which is totally relatable for anyone who's ever tried to talk while on mute.

4. Toilet Paper

Another unforeseen circumstance of the pandemic was the mad scramble for toilet paper, which social media users had a field day with.

You can poke fun at the toilet paper panic this holiday by turning yourself into giant version of the product.

5. Broom Challenge

The Broom Challenge got everyone joining in on the balancing act. It all started after a Twitter video from user @mikaiylaaaaa went viral and claimed that the broom balancing trick would only work on one day because of "gravitational pull." NASA later debunked the claim, saying that the balancing act can be performed successfully on any day, thanks to physics!

You can celebrate the viral moment with t-shirt, which says "It's science" next to a standing broom. Of course, you'll also want to find your best broom laying around the house to complete the costume.

6. My Plans vs. 2020

The My Plans vs. 2020 meme basically summed up the year in a nutshell. The meme contrasts a photo that represents the optimistic plans people had with one that describes the chaos that actually happened.

You can express how you really feel this Halloween with this "My Plans vs. 2020" t-shirt, which features an illustration of a spilled ice cream cone to represent the epic fail of a year. Or, if you have a plain shirt, your can draw a depiction of "your plans" on the front, and what 2020 had in store on the back.

If you're ordering pieces for your costume, remember to follow the CDC's guidance for deliveries as of Sept. 11, which includes throwing away the packaging and washing your hands after handling it.

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