6 Extremely Last-Minute Costumes You Can Make At Home Within Minutes

“I have nothing to wear” is a typical phrase I utter to myself often. Whether it’s for a night out on the town, right before I head to work, or even before I head to a 9 a.m. class (because lord knows I got out of bed 20 minutes before), you can guarantee I'll be saying it. However, it’s a whole other dilemma when said during Halloween time. Costumes are quintessential to All Hallows' Eve, and it’s all about what you want to put into it. Do you want to be scary and gory? Or sweet and cute? And the great thing is, you can be whatever you please. With so many choices, this whole “nothing to wear” mentality feeling is almost inevitable. But, luckily for you, we put together a list of six last-minute costumes you can make at home in a matter of minutes.

Some people take weeks (or longer) to plan an outfit, while others just splurge at a Halloween store. But if you’re one of the many who think about it off and on, but then find yourself with nothing less than a week before, you’re not alone. But you’re also not without hope!

We have a ton of stuff in and around our homes that can be used as a Halloween costume. Almost any idea can be concocted up with items you already own. Here are a few to get you started, but the list can always extend beyond this with help from your imagination.

Wednesday Addams

One of the most iconic Halloween characters of all time is this young Addams family member. Just pull out your blackest of black outfits, possibly add a white button-up shirt underneath (for effect), and fix your hair in low braids. Wear your most devilish smile, and you're set.

An Animal, Duh

This is an extremely common Halloween costume, and you can use Mean Girls as some inspiration. Pick out a sultry outfit from your closet, and stick on some animals ears.

While this is a great idea, you could also go as non-sultry as you want. All you'll need to do is grab a headband and stick some circular construction paper on for the ears, and *bam* you're whatever animal you want to tell people you are! You can also make a cotton or string tail for good measure, too (if appropriate for said woodland creature).

School Girl

This may be easier for some more than others, depending on if you went to a Catholic school or not. I did (for over a decade) and have the skirts to prove it. But, even if you didn't, you can still pull this look off.

A plaid skirt is the best, but if that's not available to you, any pleated or plain skirt works. Add a button-down top and a pair of knee highs, and your outfit is complete. You can put on a gray cardigan and pink, feathered scrunchies to go all "Hit Me Baby One More Time" on your friends, too.

Mike *oooOOOooo* on Twitter

For a costume that's a little out of the ordinary, you could go as "danger." This can be done a variety of ways. If you have access to caution tape, just wrap it all over while probably wearing all black clothing for the best effect. Getting your hands on a caution sign would work so well, too. If you're not that lucky, just tape homemade yellow signs all on your front. Easy, clever, and noticeable, people. It's safe to say we have a winner.

A Deer
anna on Twitter

While some deer costumes can get super elaborate, you can also just be simple. Use black eyeliner for a triangle nose, in addition to white eyeliner or foundation for the rest of the nose and any other facial features. And just like in the picture attached above, high double buns make great deer "antlers" as well.

A Nasty Woman
PopCrush on Twitter

Why not be something badass and empowering, aka a nasty woman? As a slogan endearingly adopted by a lot of women after the 2016 presidential election, you could take this nasty woman look any route you want. If you have a "Nasty Woman" shirt, that would work, and then add some ghoulish makeup to make it spookier. Or, you could be an actual nasty woman and dress in a way that represents whatever that term means without even having to go to the store.

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