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6 Iconic Couples Costumes That'll Never Go Out Of Style


Do you and your partner like to say that you were born in the wrong generation? Have you both been told that you're "old souls?" If so, you may prefer to celebrate your Halloween with throwback-style. Whether you live for a good vintage shop, or love looking at old photographs, going back to the past can be the best present of all. And if you're thinking about going old school this Oct. 31, these iconic costumes for Halloween 2019 might be exactly your style.

No matter how long you've been smooching your sweetie, dress up in a couples costume can be a super special way to celebrate Halloween. Of course, there's no one way to do a couples costume. Whether you and your boo like to DIY your spooky lewks or you prefer to get everything from the store, celebrating spooky season can look like whatever you want it to. And if you like to go all out for Oct. 31, a throwback couples costume can be both a trick and a treat.

From Sandy and Danny to Sonny and Cher, these six vintage-inspired Halloween couples costumes are trendy, yet totally timeless. In fact, some might say that they'll never go out of style.

Sonny & Cher

If it's good enough for Kim K, it's good enough for me. For a timeless '70s moment, dressing as Sonny and Cher might make you scream, "I've got you, babe!" For Cher: anything sparkly, slinky, or totally groovy will do, with extra points for fringe or flowers. Be sure to grab a long dark wig and put on some serious eyeliner. For Sonny, either draw on a fake mustache with eyeliner, grab a fake 'stache from the store, or, if you can, grow one the old-fashioned way. Any sort of suit or button-down with pants will do, but something paisley or patterned will really send it over the top.

Sandy & Danny from 'Grease'
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All black everything, baby. For a timeless '50s moment, go as Sandy and Danny from Grease. If you have some hoop earrings and platform sandals, you can really seal the deal. But honestly, just wearing a black top and black pants will get the point across. Have your date wear all black as well and gel up their hair like a real greaser.

Bonnie & Clyde

Perhaps the OG timeless Halloween couples costume, Bonnie and Clyde is the perfect blast from the past. To dress as this classic crime couple, wear a button-down blouse or cardigan, a pencil skirt, a beret or little hat, and some sort of scarf or ascot. Have your Clyde wear a pinstriped suit (or really any suit) and a fedora. Carry a large bag with the money sign on it (Cue Cardi B's "Money Bag") for the finishing touch.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono

IMO, Yoko Ono is cooler and more talented than all the Beatles put together (controversial, I know). Dressing as this rocker couple can be a super groovy way to celebrate Halloween. For your Yoko moment, let your hair down or grab a long wig with a lot of body. Pair a mini skirt or dress with knee-high socks or boots, and you'll totally nail this lewk. For John, jeans and a ratty T-shirt are all you need. Add a pair of round glasses for an extra punch.

Sid & Nancy

OK, my first year of college, the person I was hooking up with, and I went as Sid and Nancy to a Halloween party. He later stole my leather jacket, and I'm still not over it. Whether you've got a little punk in you or you've always wanted to wear some spikes and leather, iconic '80s punk couple Sid Vicious & Nancy Spungen can be a timeless rocker costume. Grab a curly blond wig, put so much eyeliner on your face that you can't even really see your eyebrows, and don all the black, cheetah, and leather you can find. For Sid, have your date spike their hair, wear some combination of necklaces, and put on clothes with holes or safety pins in them.

V-J Day in Times Square (The Kissing Sailor Photo)

For a totally sappy (and sweet) vintage look, dress up as the couple from the famous 1945 V-J Day in Times Square photograph. If you're really feeling wild, hit up an old army surplus store to get your boo a literal sailor suit. Of course, navy pants with a navy top and a little white hat would be perfect, too. For you, wearing a white minidress or a white top and skirt, with white tights and shoes and bow in your hair. Bonus: When anyone asks who you are, you get to kiss — and no one can yell, "PDA!"

If you and your sweetie have always loved history, going vintage this Halloween might be totally your speed. Whether you rock the house as Sid and Nancy or do the hand-jive as Sandy and Danny, an iconic, timeless couples costume is always ahead of the times.