6 Healthy Habits To Adopt In The New Year That You'll Actually Want To Stick To

by Caroline Burke

I'm making an executive decision this December, people: Instead of coming up with an unrealistic set of new year's resolutions that will totally floor you to the ground within the first week of January, let's all consider some healthy habits for the new year that are actually doable, that we genuinely want to stick to. Wouldn't you say we're all overdue for a positive change?

New Year's Eve isn't really the healthiest holiday by a long stretch; it usually involves heavy drinking, little to no sleep, and a whole lot of promises that will be broken by around 4 p.m. the next day. Although a lot of this can be good, clean fun, it also wouldn't hurt to make an effort to have a slightly healthier new year to set a positive tone for the next 12 months of your life.

Whether you're making a resolution to eat more fruits and vegetables, or even if you're just promising yourself that you won't cancel on the dentist for the fifth year in a row, there are tons of ways to make your life a little healthier without feeling like the rug has already been pulled out from under you come Jan. 1. After all, health isn't just about what you put in your body; it's about how you approach your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. And once you start to approach your health with that kind of mindset, it blows the door wide open with all of the resolutions you could accomplish.

Here are six new year's resolutions to get your mental juices flowing with inspiration for a healthier, happier 2018.

Find A Workout Class That You'll Look Forward To Every Week

You don't have to swear by a daily workout at 6 a.m. for the new year. Frankly, it's pretty unlikely that anyone could just jump into that kind of new routine and actually stick to it. But if you try to go to just one or two workout classes a week, it's a much less daunting way to commit to regular exercise.

A great way to stick to this resolution is to commit to working out with a friend, whether that means going on a jog together, or even just sitting next to one another in spin class. If you know someone's showing up next to you, it'll be way harder to flake.

Switch To A Plant-Based Diet

OK, please don't freak out so quickly. A plant-based diet doesn't necessarily mean you have to go full-on vegan and forsake breakfast burritos forever. Rather, it just means you're going to maximize your intake of veggies and minimize other food groups — like meat — which traditionally serve as the anchor of a dinner plate.

If this already seems too daunting, try planning for a plant-based day or a plant-based meal a few times a week. The more veggies you consume, the better, and there are tons of beginners guides to a plant-based world to help you on your way.

Make Breakfast A Priority In Your Daily Routine

Say it with me, now: Eat breakfast every day. Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day (and I genuinely don't understand how anyone could pass up the opportunity for a breakfast sandwich), so one of the easiest switches you can make in your overall health for the new year is simply to eat breakfast every morning.

Even if you can manage to start with something as simple as a granola bar, it's still better than nothing.

Start Giving Yourself Breast Exams

One of the most important things young adult women can do for their health is stay on top of self-care exams. Giving yourself a breast examination at home is an excellent preventative measure for your future health, and it's much easier to do than you might think.

The next time you're in a warm shower, firmly press three fingers against your breast in a circular motion, feeling for any strange lumps or tenderness. You should cover the area of your entire breast, as well as your armpit area.

Sleep More, And Not Just On The Weekends

If you're sleeping less than seven or eight hours a day, you're not sleeping enough — end of story.

For the new year, make it a point to give your body the rest it deserves on a daily basis. You cannot make up for lost sleep on the weekends. The only way to sleep well is to sleep well consistently.

Actually Brush Your Teeth As Often As You Say You Do

A simple, but nonetheless great new year's resolution for those of us who are looking to start small and hold true for a full year is to brush your teeth twice a day. Yeah, yeah, we all pretend that we do, but let's be real, I know I personally forget to brush my teeth at night at least a few times a week.

In truth, the best time to brush your teeth is right after a meal, so bringing a toothbrush to work is a great way to stay on your dental health game — so long as there's a space where you feel comfortable doing the deed.