6 Super Funny Gifts Your Partner Will Simultaneously Love & Die Laughing At

by Alison Segel

I kind of hate gifts. They just aren't my love language. Jewelry? Not for me. But you know what I do like? Something thoughtful, something handmade, or something that will make me laugh. A sense of humor is majorly attractive to me, and if you can infuse that into a gift, then that's awesome. But what are some funny gifts for your partner? Where do you get them? Is there, like, a store full of LOL things?

Some of the best gifts I have ever received have been the not-so-serious ones. One time, a boyfriend got me a teddy bear wearing a straight jacket for Valentine's Day in acknowledgement that he loved me, but that I was also the craziest GF he'd ever had. How sweet! And once, for Christmas, my brother got me a zombie Chia Pet and told me that it looked like me in the morning without makeup and when my hair was messed up. It made me chuckle. Laughter helps you bond with people!

So here are some funny gifts to give your partner that they'll simultaneously love and die laughing at. Because a joke can be the key to someone's heart. (And sometimes, a gag gift is better than something serious and expensive.)

1. Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer


Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer, $7, Amazon

I once lived with a guy, and he was constantly scratching his junk. It was super gross. He'd be rearranging himself down there and then dive his hand straight into our communal bags of chips or into the bowl of popcorn we were sharing.

So if you're dealing with the same problem, then get your significant other some "Maybe You Touched Your Genitals" Hand Sanitizer. It'll not only make them laugh, but it's useful, too. It's kind of a gift for the both of you.

2. Beer Belly Fanny Pack


Beer Belly Fanny Pack, $18, Amazon

I mean, who made this? Whose idea what this? This is seriously revolting. However, I think that it might also be very hipster and high fashion under the right circumstances? Get it for your boo, gauge their reaction, and find out.

3. Donald Trump Toilet Paper


Donald Trump Toilet Paper, $9, Amazon

If you and your partner are the political types, then this present of our president (ugh) is sure to give them a few LOLs.

4. Grow A Girlfriend


Grow A Girlfriend, $4, Amazon

This is a great present if you are arguing with your significant other. You don't like this relationship? Grow yourself another girlfriend. You're interested in seeing someone else? Have at it.

5. Girlfriend Body Pillow


Girlfriend Body Pillow, $31, Amazon

First of all, I might buy myself this pillow because I find the color palette to be very aesthetically pleasing. But beyond that, if you travel a lot or if you and your partner don't live together yet, this is a great gift to get them so you can cuddle when you're not physically together. Plus, look at that great rack! Better than my own boobs, TBH.

6. Toilet Slam Dump Set


Toilet Slam Dump Set, $15, Amazon

I once dated a guy who spent maybe one-third of our relationship in the bathroom. What was he doing in there? Jerking off? Reading a book? Talking to exes on the phone? I wasn't sure, and to be honest, it really annoyed me. But if your significant other is the type who likes a little rest, relaxation, and private time in the bathroom, then get them this "Slam Dump" set to maximize the fun they have in there. At least then, you'll know what they're doing.

So if you're looking to get a gag gift for your partner, try one of these out. But be careful, if you get them the "Grow a Girlfriend" or the "Toilet Slam Dump Set," you might never see them again.

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