Non-Basic Gifts To Give Your SO If You're Broke And In Love


Gift giving can be a real bitch, ESPECIALLY if you have no money and EXTRA ESPECIALLY if you're truly in love and want to give your SO the world and the moon, let alone a Starbucks gift card.

It can be really tricky to wow your honey bunny without the cash to back you up, and it can definitely feel like you're doomed for a shitty gift card with the romantic appeal of a toothpick as your only option.

Fear not. We searched high and low for creative, innovative, thoughtful gifts you can give if your bank account is as empty as your family's wine cellar over the holidays.

Here are some gifts you can give your SO if you're broke and in love.

Thoughtful Gifts

1. A framed copy of the New York Times front page from the day you started dating.

This is a great way to commemorate your relationship. The front page itself will likely be HUGE, so it looks impressive and also shows you put some time and thought into the gift.

Swing by your local library to photocopy that puppy or hunt it down on the internet.

If you're really in a money pinch, you can always make your own frame from reused materials, like plywood or mirrors.

2. Hand-drawn/painted song lyrics.

This will cost you the amount of one or two acrylic paint colors and a paint brush.

Pick their favorite song, and go to town creating a masterpiece that speaks to them on a personal level and looks bomb AF hanging on their office wall.

3. A "What I Love About Us, By Me" book.

This little, handy-dandy book has some mega strength when it comes to pulling on heart strings, and it has the added bonus of giving you some time to reflect about all the awesome things you love about your SO.

Knock Knock

"What I Love About Us," $9, Amazon 

Practical Gifts

1. A hilarious door mat.

This is a funny and playful way to show your SO you get them (and also a great way to ensure they think about you every time they leave or return home).



"Go Away" Doormat, $16, Amazon 

2. Goofy pillow covers.

Very similar thought process here (re: door mat). Pick something that reflects your baby cakes by giving them reason to miss you each night.


Hatop Couple Pillows, $12, Amazon 

3. This easy, adorable microwave popcorn popper for movie nights together.

And while you're at it, include a list of all the movies you want to watch together!

In this case, it's the sentiment that counts. And little moves like this can make a much greater impact in the long run.


Microwave Popcorn Popper, $15, UncommonGoods

Personalized Gifts

1. A personalized emergency kit based on their biggest fear.

This sounds ridiculous, but with all the "Walking Dead" rage and the depressing state of our country, it might be worth while to make them the perfect survival kit based on their own personal nightmare. Like a zombie apocalypse.

Tip: To keep the kit light (and your wallet heavy), keep the items inside travel-sized!

2. A copy of the keys to your apartment.

Sure, sure, this is case-by-case specific, but if you haven't made the jump, yet you're ready for to move in together, this could be a super exciting and really fun surprise.

If you aren't there yet, where are you in the relationship? Maybe pack up that sweatshirt of yours they always like to borrow and pass it on to them for the greater good of love.

This gift won't run you more than $2.

Evergreen Gifts

1. Couples' coupons.

These are a fool-proof idea that cost you nothing but time. Offer up actionable items or services you seldom carry out for your SO, much to their dismay.

Good examples include letting them pick the next series to binge on Netflix, an hour of unlimited back scratches or a free pass from a family event or party.

You can design and print them online, or make them handwritten.

Best part? It's completely free, baby.

Now, go deck those halls!!!