These Essential Oils Will Breathe New Life Into Your Dry Wintertime Skin

One of the biggest challenges of the winter season is the toll the weather can take on your skin. Whenever you step outside, it's cold, it's wet, and by the end of the day, after going back and forth between the frigid temps and your overheated office, you may or may not feel like your whole body resembles a dry, lifeless desert. If you know this struggle all too well, it's high time you invest in a few essential oils for dry skin to rejuvenate your pores and leave you feeling as silky smooth as ever.

Before we get into the best essential oils out there for your dehydrated skin, let's make something clear: There are ingredients in some essential oils that actually dry out the skin more, so it's super important to pay attention to which ones you might be using on your skin in this harsh weather.

But if you want a nice, cozy, self-care activity for your snow day inside, or after a particularly cold day on the slopes, consider taking a warm bath and mixing one of these most deliciously scented essential oils with a lotion or some coconut oil for a refreshing and rehydrating treat.

Carrot Seed

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Sun Damage Repair Serum, $88, Follain

There's a reason why you see carrot-based products all over the place. They're good for your skin!

You can definitely find plenty of carrot seed-infused products at the pharmacy, but if you want to splurge a little, you can also try out a fancy blend for your face, like the one above.

Yoga Outlet

Aura Cacia Geranium 100% Pure Essential Oil, $12.95, Yoga Outlet

Geranium oil is said to be simply wonderful for your skin, and it's especially great for restoring a healthy glow to your pores.

Geranium oil supposedly has antiseptic, antibacterial, and even anti-inflammatory properties, so do yourself a favor and add a few drops to your favorite lotion. Enjoy the deliciously floral scent as you slather this stuff all over your skin.


Neal's Yard Remedies Yarrow & Comfrey Moisturizer, $30, Sasa

Yarrow is an unsung hero, and its benefits are plentiful, from shortening the length of a flu to healing the skin. So look for a skin care product with a nice yarrow blend.

If you feel like getting a little creative, you can actually DIY your own yarrow blend at home pretty easily. Try adding about 10 to 15 drops of essential oil to about an ounce of plain body butter or salve. You can do a mix of oils and blend them together in all sorts of awesome ways — have fun with it!

Earth Hero

Avalon Organics Lavender Hand and Body Lotion, $9.48, Earth Hero

Is it just me or is lavender good for just about everything? Aside from giving you vivid dreams, relaxing you, and helping you clear your mind of negative thoughts, lavender is also a delightful addition to a moisturizer that will give your skin a little extra oomph and support. Add a few drops to some coconut oil for a relaxing and hydrating treat.


Palmarosa Essential Oil, $15, Floracopeia

Palmarosa is the oil you might just want to pop into a shopping cart right now if you have any skin concerns, my friends. It's nourishing and reparative for your cells, and it actually helps with your natural oil production, which is super cool. Feel free to apply this bad boy all over, from head to toe.


Hollywood Beauty Jojoba Hair Oil, $2.99, Target

While it's not technically an essential oil, jojoba is a natural oil that acts as a great moisturizer, as well as a great carrier oil for essential oils and will give that added boost. It's also really good for dry hair if you're struggling with that, too, this winter.