These 6 Lavender-Scented Products Are Exactly What You Need To Lull You To Sleep Tonight

While I've long known that the smell of lavender is thought to be one that promotes general relaxation, as someone who has long struggled with bouts of sleeplessness, I've often wondered, does lavender help you sleep in addition to helping you chill out? The answer is a definite yes, my friends. While lavender has been used in folk medicine for years, there are also multiple studies that support its legit sleep-promoting.

Lavender not only helps you sleep more soundly so you can wake up feeling more refreshed, it also helps promote what's called slow-wave sleep, which is a super deep state of sleep in which your muscles relax and your heart slows down. To say the least, lavender is a very powerful plant.

So, sure, while my childhood self tended to associate the smell of lavender with grandmas, as I've gotten older, the scent has definitely grown on me, to the point hwere it's become a regular staple in my relaxation and bedtime routine. In fact, lavender essential oil has even been making my dreams more intense!

So, if you need a little extra somethin' to help lull you into that deep and sound slumber you desperately crave, try using any one of these lavender-scented products during your next bedtime routine. Believe me when I say you won't regret it.

A Candle That Sets The Mood
Henri Bendel

Lavender & Cotton Travel Candle, $10, Henri Bendel

It's not just the lovely scent of this candle that'll relax you before bed, but the peaceful, flickering flame that'll have your eyelids drooping in no time.

Lotion That Feels Like A Sleepy Dream

Sleepy Body Lotion, $10, Lush

I was once given a sleep-promoting lotion as a gift, and while I was admittedly skeptical about its usefulness at first, I was quickly proven wrong. Maybe I'm sensitive to these things, but I used this lavender body lotion from Lush, and it knocked me the hell out.

Plus, the ritual of rubbing a deliciously scented lotion such as this on your body right before bed is so, so relaxing that I often struggle to stay awake through the routine itself.

Bath Salts That Will Melt Your Muscles

Mini Lavender Mineral Bath Salt - "Relaxing", $4, Kneipp

There's nothing like a warm bath at the end of a long day. In fact, studies show that stress levels are significantly lower in people who take baths every day.

Neil Morris, a psychologist at University of Wolverhampton involved in such research, said that the benefits of regular baths could easily persist over long periods of time. He told The Telegraph,

Baths give you the chance to stop the day for a few minutes, in a way that showers can't. There is a wonderful combination of isolation, quiet, and comfort.

Amen, dude.

A Mask That Promotes The Best Slumber

Lilac Dot Sleep Mask Sonoma Lavender, $21, Nordstrom

Let me tell you, my sleep game has been brought to a whole new level with a sleep mask, and adding lavender to the equation is just the perfect cherry on top.

We've already established the awesome sedative effects of lavender, but the reason sleep masks in general are so effective is because external light can affect your sleep and circadian rhythms, and the mask blocks all of that out for you in the most comfortable way possible.

A Pillow That'll Help You Dream

Lavender Memory Foam Pillow, $20, Kaytoria

Can you imagine laying your head down on the dream that is this memory foam pillow blessed with the sweet scent of lavender? Seriously, talk about a whole new level of relaxation. I need this bad boy ASAP.

A Scent That Soothes All Your Senses

NOW 100% Pure Lavender Oil, $10, GNC

And of course, not to be forgotten, diffusing some good ol' lavender oil in your room, or even just dripping a few drops onto your pillow before you lay your head down, is a surefire way to lull yourself into the sweetest slumber.

Pleasant dreams, friends!