6 Essential Oils That'll Relax Your Mind & Body Just In Time For Bed

Anxiety is one of the most common, yet infuriating reasons why I can't relax and fall asleep some nights. It leaves me there to just lie awake, feeling more or less like I've been plugged into a wall outlet, surging with jittery, unwanted, nervous energy, and plenty of racing thoughts. This is why it's so important to cultivate a healthy wind-down process before bed so you can get the beauty rest you deserve. Lucky for you, I've found some essential oils for anxiety that can help you accomplish that exact goal.

Anxiety and stress are common concerns for many people when it comes to getting restful shut-eye, not just because those racing thoughts can keep you awake, but even when you're asleep, that anxiety can disrupt the quality of your rest. Plus, as the National Sleep Foundation points out, it's kind of a catch-22: Anxiety can cause sleeplessness, and sleeplessness can cause anxiety. So, while you can do things like cut down on caffeine during the day to help you sleep later when bedtime rolls around, I find that establishing quality sleep and relaxation habits before bed has always been one of the most effective ways to get the job done.

That's where these awesome essential oils come into play. Try using a few of these during your next nighttime ritual to help you quiet your mind and prepare for a gloriously relaxing night of sleep.


BioFinestUSA Marjoram Essential Oil, $16, Etsy

Marjoram essential oil is considered an herb of happiness and joy. It's also really good at calming your nerves and easing anxiety.

Try blending a few drops of marjoram with some coconut oil and rubbing the mixture onto your legs and arms, or rolling on a bit behind the neck for peak relaxation vibes.


Vetiver Votive, $18, Malin+Goetz

Vetiver is earthy, bringing to mind pleasant views of a quiet, pristine forest and crinkling leaves. This scent is said to be very grounding, and helps with easing the mind and soothing frazzled nerves.

Try lighting a vetiver-scented candle as you get ready for bed, or diffusing a few drops to make your bedroom smell like a peaceful, woodland paradise. Maybe play a video with some soft chirping bird sounds while you're at it to get that full forest effect.

Bath & Body Works

C.O. Bigelow Bergamot Amber Body Lotion, $17, Bath & Body Works

You may first recognize bergamot as the plant that gives earl grey its distinct and lovely fragrance.

But when you feel a lot of outside pressures are causing you stress and weighing you down while you're just trying to wind down, try a little bergamot. The scent will help you relieve tension on both a physical and mental level, as it's said to be extremely calming, cheering, and refreshing.


Frankincense and Myrrh Lotion, $7, Etsy

Frankincense is particularly helpful with any kind of mental or physical stress. Not only can it help you find peace of mind and battle muscle tension, but it also promotes emotional balance and whole-body healing.

Drip a few drops behind your ears, or rub together with some coconut or almond oil onto your feet. After a few minutes with this rich and musky oil, all that stress from work will just melt away in a moment's notice.


Dragon Pearl Jasmine, $13, Harney & Sons

It's no surprise why spas all over the world offer jasmine tea after a nice massage. Light, lovely, and flowery as can be, jasmine promotes feelings of joy and restores balance and peace to your overall well-being.

Sip on a cup a few hours before bed, or put a nice jasmine oil in your hot bath before you slide yourself between the sheets.


Cedarwood Essential Oil Roller Bottles, $10, Etsy

Another scent that'll transport you to a serene, quiet cabin in the mountains, cedarwood is strongly fragrant and unsurprisingly earthy. The scent will ground your heart and mind, and give you a peaceful sense of inner strength.

It's also said to help activate your inner sense of wisdom, so who knows, maybe after you fall into that deep sleep, you'll wake up even more brilliant than you already are.