6 Clever Pickup Lines To Try At The Gym The Next Time You See Gym Bae
by Christy Piña

When going to the gym becomes part of your everyday routine, chances are you'll see some of the same people over and over again, especially if you tend to workout around the same time every day. And maybe one of those regulars catches your eye. They're cute, they share at least one of the same interests as you, and you've already seen them all sweaty and still find them hot. This mystery person, ladies, is who I call Gym Bae. If you constantly find yourself on the lookout for Gym Bae, these clever pickup lines to try at the gym may be for you, so you can break the ice and quit admiring from afar.

Pickup lines have stood the test of time, but as humans have naturally gotten smarter and more immune to cheesiness, I feel like pickup lines have gone from being the way to spark someone's interest in you, to a way in with someone through laughter. You both know it's cheesy, but if they're interested, they'll most likely go along with it. Besides, there's no denying that being confident enough to even attempt a pickup line is nothing if not sexy. Granted, no pickup line will ever guarantee you a date or the greatest romance of your life, but if you're stuck on how to approach Gym Bae and you're tired of scoping out the weight room just to catch a glimpse, what have you got to lose?

Would You Mind Spotting Me?

This line is the perfect in, because you're not saying anything outright flirtatious, so it's not too risky. It's natural! You're at the gym, and everyone needs a spotter!

You Have Awesome Form

While not as low-key as the previous line, complimenting Gym Bae's form is still somewhat subtle and can be easily overlooked if they're not interested. They can brush it off, and so can you. But honestly, who doesn't love a compliment? Especially on something that probably took them some time to perfect, like their form.

This Elliptical Isn't The Only Thing Getting My Heart Rate Up

If you're feeling especially brave, trying this pickup line on Gym Bae is the way to go. It's sweet, clever, and sincere. Let's face it: The elliptical can be exhausting, but trying to see where Gym Bae is at all times is even more draining. Seriously, who has time to evaluate which cardio machine has the best view of Gym Bae? Not you! You've got braver moves to try. Stop being a spectator and make a move, lady!

I Got Stopped By A Police Officer On The Way Here. He Told Me It Was Illegal To Carry These Guns In Public.

Ok so this is a lot, but it's worth a shot! Everyone appreciates a little self-deprecating humor, and there's nothing more attractive than the ability to laugh at oneself.

Hi, I See That You're New To This Gym, And I Want To Be The First Person To Bother You

You know when it's one of those days where you just want to be alone at the gym and decompress, but people keep coming up to you or using the machines you want? Make fun of that! Some people don't like being approached at the gym, but because you're saying you'll be the first to "bother" them, it can come across as lighthearted and fun instead of annoying.

You Work Out. I Work Out. I Think Our Relationship Could Work Out.

Not that working out and a relationship working out do not go hand-in-hand at all, but the play on words is likely to at least make Gym Bae crack a smile. It shows you're smooth, and you're not afraid to look silly in front of them — which are both pretty admirable traits, IMO.

When you're thinking about approaching your Gym Bae, it's important to remember that some people would rather not be hit on at the gym. So, if they turn you down or don't seem interested, take the L and carry on. But if you're feeling extra brave the next time you see Gym Bae, shoot your shot! If they turn you down, it's their loss. But if they're here for your pickup lines, and you two end up laughing up a storm in the middle of the weight room, it could be the start of a beautiful relationship. You only know if you try.

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