Send These 6 Body Language Signals To Show Your Crush You're Interested

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There are many ways you can let your crush know you’re into them, and each method comes with its own pros and cons. You could straight-up tell them IRL, and while that’s the most direct way to assess whether they feel the same way, it’s also undeniably risky. You could also shoot them a flirty text, which may feel less vulnerable, but as we all know, text messages can be easily misconstrued. Luckily, there are some super effective body language signals that mean you're interested.

“Where the mind goes, the body always follows,” explains Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence. “So the body will always tell what's on someone's mind — even the things they'd rather you didn't know.”

In other words, nonverbal communication is more powerful than you may realize. Everything from your posture and your gestures to your facial expressions can convey valuable information about how you feel. That’s good news if you’re eager for your crush to know you like them, but aren’t quite ready to own up to it verbally.

So, how can you use your body language to demonstrate your interest? Try some of these tried-and-true tactics.

Point Your Feet (Or Legs) In Their Direction
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Apparently, it’s your feet — not just your eyes — that serve as a window to the soul. According to Brown, when you point them toward the object of your affection, that shows you’re listening with your whole body, and moreover, that you’re interested in what they have to say. If you’re sitting down, you can achieve the same message by crossing your legs in their direction.

“We have the least control over our feet and they almost always show where your attention is going,” she explains.

Angle Your Chest Toward Them

Another part of your body that you might angle towards your crush is your torso. According to Patti Wood, body language expert and author of SNAP: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, keeping your chest pointed in their direction can signal that you’re letting your guard down.

“Research shows that when people feel under attack and/or defensive, they protect their vulnerable heart area on their chest," she says.

In other words, angling your chest toward your crush can demonstrate that you’re physically opening up your heart.

Break The Touch Barrier
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While it may feel intimidating to make physical contact with your crush, rest assured that all it takes is a playful tap on the shoulder while you’re laughing to give off those flirty vibes.

“In casual conversation, touch their leg or arm just quickly,” says Brown. “It will seem natural, but they’ll know you like them.”

Lean In

As Brown points out, people typically lean away from things they dislike, and toward things they do like. So go ahead and eliminate some of the distance between you and your crush while you’re chatting.

“Proximity signals your desire to be emotionally or physically close,” explains Wood. “Research shows that in a seated conversation, a backward lean communicates that the backward leaner is dominant. A forward lean shows interest.”

Nod Your Head

An occasional nod may seem like a simple gesture, but it actually says a whole lot, according to Wood. Not only does this response indicate that you’re listening intently to your crush, but also that you’re empathetic about what they’re saying.

“An added bonus of nodding your head is that it releases endorphin-like chemicals into the bloodstream to make you feel good,” adds Wood.

Eliminate Any Physical Barriers

Wood recommends removing anything between you and your crush that blocks the view of or access to you.

“The barrier used most often is the arms,” she says.

So, resist crossing those arms while you’re talking — as this will signal that you’re physically and emotionally open to connecting with them. Instead, Wood notes that keeping the arm extended and the wrist showing towards your crush can solidify your interest.

Without a doubt, there’s an inherent vulnerability in showing your crush that you’re into them. The ultimate fear that’s lurking in the background is — what if they don’t reciprocate your feelings? Fortunately, when you’re looking for a low-risk yet effective way to communicate your feelings, body language can be a game-changer. With any of these subtle signals, you can give your crush the hint without saying a single word.

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