'The Circle'-Inspired Group Chat Names

ALERT! These 'The Circle'-Inspired Group Names Are Made For Your Own #CircleFam


In the Circle, there's no shortage of clever hashtags, witty banter, and group chats. The Netflix reality show, which turns social media into a thrilling game with a $100,000 prize at the end, thrives off of friendly and calculating texts, complete with plenty of emojis. While your BFF crew isn't trying to "block" anyone, you do have your own group chat that deserves one of these The Circle-inspired group chat names.

Together, you and your friends are the world's strongest alliance, and most dedicated group of Circle fans. Like River (aka Lee) in Season 2, you might have sketches of each player hanging up or a tiny notebook where you keep track of The Joker's latest moves. With your very own #CircleFam, you may play games inspired by the show, like Batter Up! and Truth or Dare, and send your results in the chat. So it should definitely sport one of these The Circle-inspired group chat names that Terilisha, Courtney, and even "Lance Bass" would approve of.

Some of these The Circle-inspired group chat names will likely remind you of the #CircleSisters who bonded in the first episodes. Others will be a total shoutout to #TooHotToHandle Chloe or Bryant and his good vibes. Pick the best Circle-inspired group chat name for your BFF crew, or your very own #CircleFam, if you will.

  1. Welcome To The Circle
  2. My #CircleFam
  3. We're As Clever As Trevor
  4. No Catfishes Allowed
  5. Did Someone Say ALERT?
  6. Lance Bass Wasn't Here
  7. Put It In A Hashtag
  8. Broken Heart Emoji
  9. Blame It On The Joker
  10. Good Morning Circle
  11. Influencer Hangout
  12. Peapod Squad
  13. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
  14. Ratings Are In
  15. Always In First Place
  16. Circle Sisters
  17. I've Got Your Back
  18. The Friend Zone
  19. VPs Of The Savannah Fan Club
  20. Spill The Tea Sis
  21. Send Message
  22. Take Me To The Chat
  23. Pancake Art Pros
  24. Never Blocking You
  25. From Zero To 100
  26. My Inner Circle
  27. Intergalactic Flawlessness
  28. Just Me And My #BBQs
  29. Bestie Newsfeed
  30. The Best Players In The Game
  31. Keeping You Around
  32. My REAL Friends
  33. Something Smells Fishy
  34. Here's The 411
  35. Positive Vibes Only
  36. The Cardashians
  37. Will The Real Joker Please Stand Up
  38. We Love A Plot Twist
  39. Team River 4Ever
  40. Chic Geeks
  41. You Can Trust Me
  42. John's Psychic Friends
  43. Cool Kids Party
  44. Exercising My Right To Play
  45. President Of The Circle
  46. Looking For Mitchell's Shirts
  47. Here For The Bromance
  48. Love My Rainbow Life
  49. The Ladies In Red
  50. My Top 5 Best Friends
  51. That's Not How Cheese Works
  52. The Real Prize Is Friendship
  53. Glammequins