Courtney used the Joker power in 'The Circle' Season 2 to sow seeds of doubt in newcomers Khat and M...

Courtney From 'The Circle' Explains Why The Joker Twist Was His "Life Raft"


The Circle is seriously upping the ante with its twists in Season 2. The show's first season included its fair share of unexpected events, but the new batch of episodes that dropped on Wednesday, April 21, took things to a whole new level. It all started with a brand-new power in the game, which seriously shook things up. After Courtney figured out what it meant to be The Joker in The Circle, he tells Elite Daily the twist was his saving grace in the game.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for The Circle Season 2, Episodes 5 through 8. The first four episodes in the new season of Netflix's social media-based competition series ended on a cliffhanger, as Courtney entered the mysterious Inner Circle to learn about a special power. Episode 5 wasted no time in revealing Courtney would be able to briefly play as The Joker, an anonymous profile able to make a first impression on two incoming players in a private chat. Given that Courtney's closest alliance in the game, Savannah, had just been eliminated and he wasn't on great standing with the people who had her ousted, he was sure to make full strategic use of his Joker chat.

"I think the Joker power that the Circle gave me was my life raft in the game," Courtney says. "Up until that point, I really had felt that I wasn’t part of The Circle — I was just hanging out there — and I feel like The Joker allowed me to make some pretty big moves that altered the course of the game."


As Courtney points out, The Joker's power allowed him to make his biggest, most strategic game move yet. After Savannah advised him to set his sights on taking down Emily and Terilisha, Courtney devised a scheme to ensure the new players entering in Episode 5 — Mitchell and Khat — would not trust the women in the game. In his chat with them, he pretended to be Emily and badmouthed both Chloe and Terilisha, signaling none of those three women could be trusted.

The plan wound up working, as both Terilisha and Emily were blocked in the following episodes. But Courtney also had to deal with some blowback. Once news of the Joker twist got around to the other players, Courtney had to play defense as his fellow contestants tried to figure out who was behind the anonymous account. Despite the added pressure of having to continually cover his tracks, Courtney says the power was definitely worth it. "I really think it helped me more than it hurt," he says.

Heading into the last stretch of Season 2, it's still anyone's game. The Circle fans can find out if The Joker twist really was Courtney's key to the big win as Episodes 9 through 12 drop on Netflix on Wednesday, April 28, followed by the season finale on Wednesday, May 5.