Courtney Revolution from 'The Circle' Season 2 chose to his his online pop culture show from the oth...

Courtney From 'The Circle' Is No Stranger To The Pop Culture World


When the first season of The Circle came to Netflix at the beginning of 2020, nobody could have predicted just how prescient a reality show — in which contestants are isolated in their rooms with nothing but social media — would be. Now, one pandemic later, the show that low-key predicted quarantine is back with a new batch of influencers... some more real than others. One new player who is already delivering some much-needed fun and entertainment in the first batch of episodes is Courtney, a pop culture aficionado who chose to hide his celeb knowledge from the others. Here are some facts about Courtney from The Circle Season 2 that you won't necessarily learn from the show:

Courtney was among the first eight players to log onto the Circle, along with breathing enthusiast Bryant, Too Hot To Handle star Chloe, blue-haired teacher Terilisha, perky and brainy Savannah, and three catfish: Deleesa playing as a version of her husband Trevor, Jack playing as a sorority-girl friend of his named Emily, and Lee playing as his own fictional character River. Although only four episodes dropped as part of Season 2's premiere on Wednesday, April 14, a lot went down, and it all led up to a big twist with Courtney at the center.

Obviously, all eyes are on Courtney as fans wait for the next batch of episodes, so it's prime time to get the deets on The Circle's resident tea-spiller.

1. He's really playing as himself.

The bio Courtney set up for himself is authentic — he's a 28-year-old living in Los Angeles — but he did add one small lie. As he pointed out in the premiere episode, Courtney didn't want the other players to know about his career as an entertainment host, so he lied about his profession being a barista.

2. His entrance outfit was a nod to his unique last name.

Courtney's full name is Courtney Revolution, so that red shirt he wore introducing himself with the word "Revolutionary" emblazoned on it was a wink to his last name.

3. He is a YouTube sensation.

The pop culture internet show Courtney spoke about hosting is all over his YouTube page, which boasts over 10,000 subscribers. In his videos, Courtney talks about the latest goings-on in pop culture and reviews new music releases.

4. He hosts a weekly podcast.

As if constantly uploading videos to YouTube wasn't enough, Courtney also co-hosts a weekly podcast called Overheard in the Pantry. He co-hosts the weekly celeb gab-fest with his friend Phylesha.

5. He got his start on the YouTube channel HollyScoop.

Courtney appeared as a correspondent for several videos on the popular celeb channel HollyScoop throughout 2019 and 2020 before branching out into creating his own channel.

Given all the videos Courtney has created throughout the years, fans who love him on The Circle will have a full watchlist to dive into on his YouTube channel once his time on the show is up.