5 Zodiac Signs Who’ll Love Planning Your Halloween Couples’ Costume

Coordinating your couples' costume for Spooky Season 2019 isn't always an easy task. Thankfully, there are some zodiac signs who’ll love planning your Halloween couples’ costume from top to bottom. These are the signs you'll want to cuff up, ASAP. (Kidding! Kind of.) But not all signs are cut out for the task, and that's OK! Take Cancers, for example. Their reputation as a gentle, sensitive sign tends to holds up. Like a crab, they may be fierce, but they're soft underneath their crustacean shell. Cancers would love the emotional aspect of a Halloween couples' costume. Matching with their lover! What more could they ask for to feel validated and safe? But likewise, their sensitivity means they'd probably be all up in their own head about which couples' costume to actually pick and plan.

Libras might also adore a couples' costume. They're hopeless romantics, so the idea of matching their partner would probably feel hella exciting to them. Plus, give them an excuse to dress up and they'll be the happiest sign in the zodiac. But a Libra's fatal flaw — their classic indecision, or as they call it, "weighing the pros and cons" — might get in the way of them actually planning something. This is where the zodiac signs who are fantastic planners come in. Below, five signs who will relish the opportunity get your couples' costume together this Halloween.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 — Jan. 19)

First up, Capricorns: the notorious planners of the zodiac. Have you ever met a Cap who didn't have an aesthetically pleasing agenda on hand, or a meticulously-filled Google Calendar? When it comes to planning couples' costumes, trust a Cap to make a color-coded list of which stores to hit up on your Halloween shopping run.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20 )

Taureans love to work hard, which is a trait they share with their earth-sign siblings, Capricorns. They also enjoy the finer things in life. You'd be hard-pressed to find a Taurus that doesn't splurge on concert tickets, brunch at their beloved foodie spot, or clothes from their favorite designer, if they can afford it. There's a good chance your Taurean partner will convince you to do a couples' costume because, wow, imagine the glamor of it all. But more than daydreaming about how good you two will look, they'll create a budget and help you stick to it while shopping for your joint Halloween costume.

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)

While a Gemini may not be an earth sign (or posses their grounded, organizational qualities), they're decent planners when they put their minds to it. Geminis thrive off being constantly stimulated — intellectually, socially, and sexually. If you and your Gemini partner have a dope Halloween party coming up, they'll probably do everything in their power to be the talk of the town with your couples' costumes.

Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22)

Similar to Geminis, Leos love being the life of the party. But instead of breezing around and talking to everyone (to show off their wit), Leos just want to be adored. From holiday flexes to everyday thirst traps, Leos tend to live life from one amazing Instagram post to the next. Because of this, your Leo partner will probably hype you up to do a couples' costume with them months in advance. And since they're a bold fire sign, your partner will have no problem taking the lead on coordinating and buying your Halloween couples' costume.

Virgo (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22)
Aleksandra Jankovic / Stocksy

Oh, Virgos. They're constantly on their grind. Long before Virgo season even starts, your Virgo partner will probably sit you down to talk Halloween costumes. So, what's the game plan? Once you two agree on what you're going to be, they'll spend an hour or so brainstorming where to purchase every single detail of your costume. Even after their brainstorming session is over, they'll send you multiple makeup tutorials to choose from to perfect your look. Out of all the signs, count on Virgo to be the most gleefully detail-oriented partner when planning your Halloween couples' costumes.

If you or your partner are any of the above five signs, other couples at the Halloween party or bar crawl better watch out. They've got some stiff competition headed their way on Oct. 31.