5 Workouts For Your Butt If You're Guilty Of Sitting On It All Day At Your Desk Job

Sitting all day long is something many of us do. And while it can be a little spiritually dampening to stay in one place for the whole damn day, it's also, unsurprisingly, not great for the body. Personally, one of the places I often start feeling it the most — other than my back — is my butt, which has a tendency to go kind of numb after hours of writing. But a few workouts for your butt will easily keep your booty healthy, strong, and, well, alive.

And yes, I really do mean alive. There is actually a real condition called dead butt syndrome, and it's caused by sitting too much. You might have it and not even know it. It basically develops when one of the three main muscles within your glutes stops working correctly, or at all. And yeah, it can happen as a result of hanging out on it too much at work.

If you're spending a whole, whole lot of time actively not using those muscles, they kind of, just, stop having a job to do. But worry not, you can revive your dead butt! And even if your butt isn't technically dead, chances are it would love a little stretch and strengthening nonetheless. Give your butt what it wants with these five exercises.

The Toe Taps
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Lying on your back with your arms to your sides, raise your knees up with your shins parallel to the floor. Make sure you're supporting your lower back by bringing it flat to the ground, and engage your core, bringing your belly button toward your spine. Engage your glutes by squeezing (but not clenching) them for the duration of the exercise.

Now, pointing your feet, simply alternate tapping your toes down to the floor. If your lower back starts to strain, simply refrain from going all the way down.

Squats On Squats On Squats
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Ah, the squat — so simple, and yet so, so effective. While I will admit I do not like squats one bit, I'e found a way to make them mildly bearable, by doing them repeatedly with some rhythm, and always with my favorite music in the background.

Standing with your legs hip-width distance apart, bend your knees and send your butt backward like you're sitting in a chair, as far back as you can go without losing balance. Then return to a standing position, bringing your pelvis slightly forward as you do so. Repeat in rhythm to your favorite song to block out the burn.

While building and strengthening your butt and leg muscles, squats help upper body and core strength, as well.

Pro tip: Make sure your knees never go past your ankles when you squat.

Donkey Lifts
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These moves are a butt-blasting classic, my friends.

Start off in table-top position, knees at hip-width distance, and wrists directly beneath your shoulders. Flexing your right foot, lift the bottom of your foot up to the ceiling in a kick, keeping your leg bent and your knee pointed toward the ground. Do 20 reps, then switch to the other side.

If you really want a kicker to top it off, keeping your leg bent, lift to your side body, about 90 degrees parallel to the floor. This variation targets hip flexors and the side of your glutes.

The Clamshell
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This one is great for the hips ,as well as the butt.

Lie on your right side on the floor, with your hips and knees bent at about a 45-degree angle. Make sure your left leg is on top of your right leg with your heels together.

While keeping your feet together as best as you can, raise your left knee as high as possible as you keep your pelvis still and your right leg on the floor. Repeat 10 to 20 times, and then switch to the other side and repeat.

Feel those cheeks burning yet? Add an exercise band if you want some extra resistance.

The Arabesque
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Personally, I find nothing better — and dare I say, more enjoyable — for the bum-bum than doing arabesques. It's a ballet move that has kept butts strong and healthy through the ages, my friend.

Use a chair or table top — anything stable really — as a makeshift bar. Keep your front body directed forward and engage your core as you turn your feet out to a 45-degree angle, keeping your knees in line with the toes. Point one of your feet back in a direct line behind you, then lift to about 90 degrees (or as far as you can go). Keeping the leg up there, lift and lower about an inch and repeat. Switch and continue.

To round it all out, try a seated spinal twist to get those hamstrings stretched, and you are good to go!