6 Booty-Busting Workouts You Can Do Without Having To Stand Up Whatsoever

by Georgina Berbari

You know when you're lounging around, catching up on Game of Thrones, and you suddenly realize you haven't moved in, well, an embarrassingly long time? And you're pretty sure your butt is so dead asleep you may never be able to move it again? You want to get your blood pumping, but like, standing? That's way too much effort. Well, actually, there are plenty of workouts for your butt that actually work, and don't require you to move at all from your comfortable yoga mat.

Try these six kickass (literally) exercises to get the booty of your dreams with the least amount of effort.

1. Glute Bridge

From strengthening your booty and hamstrings, to reducing knee and back pain, to sculpting your core, the glute bridge honestly does it all.

And hell yes you should roll over and take power nap after, because you earned it.

2. Fire Hydrant Kick

You can't park in front of them in real life, but you can continue to park yourself right in front of your Netflix episode while you're doing these bad boys.

This exercise targets the outer glutes, core, and hips to make this move a total lower-body trifecta.

I'm comin' for ya, perky booty.

3. Donkey Kicks

Stay right where you are, and add some donkey kicks into your routine.

These simple kick-backs will sculpt your glutes big time, which helps increase your speed and agility -- you know, for when you decide you actually want to get up.

Add ankle weights if you really want to feel the booty burn.

4. Single Leg Glute Bridge

Remember your BFF, the glute bridge?

Well, subtract a leg, and redefine your rump with this slightly trickier variation.

You may be laying down, but don't be fooled -- this move is effective AF.

Your hammies won't know what hit them when you double the difficulty of the classic bridge.

5. Lateral Leg Lift

Lateral leg lifts are the ultimate lazy-but-not-actually-lazy exercise. Seriously, those minor, controlled movements go a long way.

Side leg raises will really work your abductors, which are the muscles that help move your thigh to the side of your body.

6. Clam Shell

According to a 2011 study from the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapythe clamshell exercise was one of the top five exercises for strengthening the gluteus medius -- and a strong gluteus medius means less injuries for you in the long-term.

Listen, if I can achieve ultimate booty strength without ever having to stand up, you can catch me chilling on the floor forever.