5 Ways To Save Money At Disneyland So You & Your Wallet Can Have A Magical Time

A trip to Disneyland might be at the top of your bucket list. You can't wait to go on every thrill ride, enjoy delicious Mickey-shaped treats, pose for pics in front of the castle, and wear your Minnie ears. Disneyland is a truly incredible experience, but you know the reality is, like most trips, it can add up real quick. However, it doesn't always have to break the bank to visit this magical destination, because there are ways to save money at Disneyland that are tried and true.

I always have friends asking me how the heck I'm able to go to the parks so often and not end up being totally broke. While Disneyland is an expense I factor into my monthly budget, I consider it to be pretty much the same as a gym membership or going out to eat with my friends every weekend. You just have to know how to do Disneyland the budget-friendly way, and I'm here to help with just that.

If you've been dreaming of riding Space Mountain and seeing Sleeping Beauty's castle up close, I want to make that dream a reality. Consider any of these five money-saving tips for your trip. Your wallet will be thanking you at the end of your adventure.

Bring Additional Snacks

If you're trying to save money, you may want to bring your own snacks to the park. According to Disneyland Resort's FAQ page, outside food is allowed, just as long as it's not in glass containers. (For additional information, you can refer to the FAQ page.)

I always pack a few granola bars or bags of chips to snack on while waiting in lines. As a foodie who loves going to Disneyland for the Mickey-shaped pretzels and ice cream bars, it can be difficult to only eat outside snacks. Treating yourself to at least a couple of delicious churros may be #necessary. But packing additional snacks can help you save in the bank throughout the duration of your trip.

Pack A Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important when you're running around the park all day, so be sure to bring your own reusable water bottle. The park has water fountains throughout for you to fill up when you're running low.

Get Creative With Your Outfit Beforehand

If you've been eyeing a cute pair of Minnie ears, you can purchase them ahead of time on the shopDisney site. You could even make your own DIY Mickey ears at home to make your wallet happy. That way, you can also customize them to feature any Disney character you love.

Coordinate A Carpool So You Can Split Parking

It currently costs $25 for standard parking on property. You could always park outside of property and walk over. However, I've found the easiest way (and it'll save your feet) is to coordinate a carpool with friends. If everyone fits in one car, you can split the parking price with them.

Check The Weather Before You Go So You're Prepared

The weather can really affect your adventure. As much as some people would love to believe it, Disney is unable to control the weather.

Prepare yourself for whatever Mother Nature has in store before you go. For example, if it looks like it's going to rain, you'll want to pack a jacket, poncho, or umbrella from home. If it's going to be a hot, sunny day, you'll want to pack sunscreen and sunnies.