5 Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Partner’s Graduation When Dinner Just Isn't Enough

Graduating from college is no small feat. Four years (or more) filled with some of the most intense experiences ever, and yet somehow your bae managed to power through. Completing the next level of schooling isn't something that should be taken lightly. If anything, it's something that warrants an extra special hoorah, so when thinking of the best ways to celebrate your partner's graduation, the default seems to be having a nice dinner out.

Although, if your bae's family is planning on coming to town, then chances are they will be enjoying more than their fair share of yummy congratulatory dinners. Plus, as the person who has probably been there for them through the more difficult moments of college, coming up with a unique way of celebrating such a huge life accomplishment is something your partner will never forget. Not to mention, closing such a large chapter in life can definitely insight some bittersweet feels, and a special surprise would be a great way to keep your bae focused on the adventures to come. To make your SO feel extra special, here are five unique ways to celebrate their college graduation.

Throw Them A Surprise Party

I think the main reason so many people are hesitant to throw parties for themselves is mostly because the effort involved often far overshadows the occasion. Being the amazing SO that you are, how awesome would it be if they got to play the role of guest to their own graduation celebration without all of the stress? And don't think you have to take on the whole thing alone. If you can, try to recruit one of their good friends or family members to help out.

Take Them On A Trip

One of the best gifts I've ever gotten was a surprise trip to Barcelona, and I will always look back on this trip with a full heart because it was such a dream come true. If you've got some money to spend, then instead of buying them a flashy material item, why not put that money towards the experience of a lifetime? If you're on a tighter budget, don't think you have to fly somewhere exotic. A well-planned road trip is just as thoughtful.

Plan A Fun Weekend At A Theme Park

For many people, finishing college marks the beginning of "official" adulthood. And if your bae is the sentimental type, then this could be a difficult pill to swallow. A great way to ease the pain of growing up is simply to remember that we will always be able to channel our inner child. Planning a fun weekend at their favorite theme park, or one they've been wanting to go to forever, definitely won't disappoint.

Buy Them Tickets To See Their Favorite Band

I think it's safe to say that everyone has their dream concert. You know, the band you would consider harvesting an organ for just to get VIP tickets? While in some cases, a pair of these tickets might actually cost as much as a vacation, your SO will be eternally grateful that you would go through all of the trouble of celebrating their graduation with such a thoughtful gift.

Take Them On A Walk Down Memory Lane

I heard about a friend of a friend who did a college-themed scavenger hunt as a graduation gift and it was epic. She basically made a list of all of the memorable places her SO would frequent in college — their favorite coffee shop, bar, club, restaurant, ice cream shop, park bench — and led them on a scavenger hunt through all of the locations. At each location there was a hand-written note from one of their friends sharing a memory they shared there. The evening culminated at their favorite bar where their friends were waiting, and the party continued on to their favorite club.

Graduation from college is one of the most surreal experiences. Figuring out a way to commemorate this major milestone is something that your partner will never forget. Even if you only have a small budget, thinking of something truly unique will def make their heart feel full AF.

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