If You're Seeking A Small Town, Movie-Like Feel For Your Next Move, Check These Places Out

In your ideal world, life would feel like a movie. You'd walk outside your cute apartment in a small town, and upbeat piano music would play in the background. It would keep going, as you walked in and out of coffee shops and stores with carefully-designed window displays. Around lunchtime, you'd meet up with your crush at a local diner and fall in love over plates of waffles. Am I getting ahead of myself? I don't think so. Some of your favorite romantic comedies and cheesy films are just like that. Currently, you think that you can only experience them on the big screen. Think again: These towns that look like Hallmark movies are perfect for your next move, and waiting for you to take them into consideration.

Truth be told, you've thought about moving to a quaint town on the East Coast, but weren't sure what to expect. You might be used to a big city, where skyscrapers illuminate the night sky and the subway stations are always crowded with commuters and travelers alike. You're used to being able to order pizza at midnight and check out new restaurants and Instagram-worthy spots every weekend. A small town would definitely be a big change.

But, it would be worth it, because you'd get to make memories on the beach in the summer and watch everyone go into Christmas mode in the winter. You'd get to live like they do in the Hallmark movies in one of these five towns.

Mystic, Connecticut
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Although Mystic is technically a "village," you should certainly take this quaint destination in Connecticut into consideration if you're looking to live like they do in the Hallmark movies. Growing up in Connecticut, I can tell you that the experience you'll have won't disappoint, and you'll love walking by the water in the morning with your cup of coffee.

You'll love stopping by the Mystic Aquarium, ocean-inspired shops, and seafood restaurants throughout. You'll pick up signs that say, "Life's a beach," to put in your apartment, and have bonfires with your besties in your spare time. Sounds, perfect, huh?

Chatham, Massachusetts
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Next, think about a town that's filled with spots to stick your toes in the sand — aka, Chatham, Massachusetts. As a kid, I loved going to this place with my family and seeing the beautiful lighthouses and sunsets. You'll fall head over heels, too, even though you may be used to being a millennial in a busy city.

You'll enjoy trading your late-night takeout orders for scoops of homemade ice cream in the middle of the afternoon. You'll bask in the sunshine, and find places that are peaceful and quiet to call your own.

Rockport, Massachusetts
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Rockport, Massachusetts is a town that's very worthy of being in a Hallmark movie. That's because it's located fairly close to the city of Boston. It's also far enough away for you to create your own storyline, separate from the skyscrapers and bustling sidewalks.

It has the beach and quaint cafés where you can bring a good book that's been on your reading list for a while, and escape the "real world" for a bit. You'll always want to keep your camera close to snap pics of the vibrant boats, and hit up the boutiques once you're finished, too. What more could you ask for?

Portland, Maine
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If you're anything like me, you've already fallen in love with Portland, Oregon and everything you can do in the Pacific Northwest. You're realizing, though, that you need to set your sights on another Portland — this one being in Maine — so that you can live like they do in the Hallmark movies.

You need to check out the waterfronts that are lined with fishing boats and amazing restaurants. You need experience the nightlife, like the local bars and spots that play music, and accidentally meet your soulmate. That's always how it goes, right? Right.

Ogunquit, Maine
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One of my favorite spots on the East Coast, that also looks like a town straight out of a Hallmark movie, is Ogunquit, Maine. I've only been once or twice, but the beauty of this area will stay with me forever. And if you move there, you'll be saying, "Same."

You'll walk along the Marginal Way and might grab a fresh lobster and slice of blueberry pie for lunch. You'll throw on a bathing suit and walk out onto the sand bars when it's low tide. Most importantly, though, you'll hop on a boat and explore the coastline and make a few new friends. Picture, perfect, if you ask me!