5 Tips For Getting Someone At A Darty To Notice You

by Ginny Hogan
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The only thing more fun than going to a party is going to a party during the day. That's right — days aren't just for working and eating anymore (although those are both great activities) — they're for partying. At a day party ("darty"), someone may catch your eye. However, because it's during the day, you might not be able to use the same tricks you use at night, so you're left wondering if there are any tips for getting someone at a day party to notice you. Well, lucky for you, I have all the answers.

Unlike evening parties, day parties are often held in the bright light of the sun, and it's possible people will be drinking less (not that you have to drink at an evening party to have fun or that you can't drink at a day party). If you're used to meeting new people at night, you'll need a different set of tactics. Fortunately, I've been to a bunch of day parties (I'm very popular, no big deal), and I know all the best tricks, which I'd love to share with you.

Read on to find five tips for getting someone to notice you at a day party.

Bring Snacks

Day parties typically span at least one meal. Unlike parties that start after 10, people might be looking to munch on something more substantial (although I personally love food at every party). If you bring the seven-layer dip everyone's talking about, your crush will be sure to notice you. Others will be grateful too, so it's a great way to make friends (and you get to eat it yourself — win-win-win-win-win).

Wear Your Favorite Daytime Outfit

If you're anything like me, you have a closet full of nightlife clothing that you wear all the time, and then several amazing daytime outfits you hardly ever wear because you usually just pull on a T-shirt and jeans to get out the door in the morning. Everyone's style is different, but regardless of what you like to wear, there are fewer opportunities to dress up during the day. Take advantage of the day party to dress to the nines in something you wouldn't usually wear out at night (maybe it's not warm enough, or it's specifically designed for the sun), and you'll get that special someone's attention.

Offer Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of those things you don't remember how much you love until you don't have it (this is also how I imagine all my exes feel about me). If you're going to a day pool party, or a party in a park, be the person with the sunscreen. When your crush notices you have it, they might slide right over and ask for some. This gives you a perfect chance to open up the conversation, or, even better, lather some on their back.

Ask What They're Doing Later

Asking someone what they're doing later at a day party doesn't imply anything — you have hours left in the day, and maybe you'd like to go get dinner later. If you notice someone, you can wait for them to notice you, or you can introduce yourself and ask what their plans are after. They'll appreciate your friendliness — people go to parties to meet new people, after all!

Stay Off Your Phone

During a day party, it can be even more tempting to be on your phone since you might be getting work emails or planning the rest of your evening (I've had past jobs where I got work emails on Friday nights, but I'm more likely to get them during the day). If you're on your phone too much, your crush might not have a chance to strike up a conversation with you, so try to be on your phone as little as possible. There's nothing wrong with checking your messages, but it could send a signal that you're busy, so someone else might be shy about introducing themselves. Of course, if you want to snap pics or let friends know where to find you, that's totally OK, but being in the moment can help you stand out to your crush.

Day parties are a great time to meet people — you have more energy, and the sun is out. If you're at a day party this summer and you want someone to notice you, try one of the above tips, and you'll be sure to catch your crush's eye. And even if there's no one you're interested in at the party, have a great time with your friends and enjoy the sun — you deserve it!

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