Why Day Parties Will Always Be Better Than Night Parties

by Blair Thill

When you first graduate from college, you take your 21-year-old party habits into the real world.

The party starts at 9 pm in someone's apartment. Once the clock strikes 11, you're out on the town for the real party. The moment you enter a bar, you're swallowed up into a mass of people, sometimes losing your friends in the process.

At the end of the night, you have to fight to flag a cab. When you get home, you're absolutely exhausted, and your only goal is to sleep as late as you can the next day.

Because here's the bottom line: Night partying is a THING. It isn't easy or spontaneous, it always needs a plan. It's a PRODUCTION — and an exhausting one at that.

But just when you're losing your patience with nights on the town, you remember that it's not the only option.

Welcome to the world of day parties.

As soon as you embrace the daytime portion of your weekend, you realize you had been doing it wrong all along. The day party is where it's at, and you'll never go back.

You'll always get your eight hours of sleep.

Without a doubt, the biggest advantage of the day party is the flexibility to sleep. The average day party doesn't start until after 1 pm and, unless you have the stamina of a triathlete, it probably will end by 9 pm.

That easily leaves enough time to get at least eight (if not nine or 10) hours of sleep, both before and after your Saturday or Sunday festivities.

You still have time to exercise.

When you're out late partying, you're inevitably going to sleep in the next day. And when you do wake up, the last thing you're going to want to do is to try to burn off any calories.

But when you live it up during the day, you have plenty of energy and time to hit the gym. You'll be catching up on your TV shows while enjoying a calorie-burning run on the treadmill.

The lighting of your photos is on point.

If you're at a bar at night, you might as well not even bother trying to find a spot with the right lighting for a group photo. It's either too dark or too fluorescent. Half the group can be shrouded in shadows, while the other half is overexposed in harsh glares.

But when you're sipping your vodka lemonade on your best friend's roof deck, you have no issues with lighting. You're perfectly bathed in the light of your sun-kissed skin and shiny hair.

Travel isn't an issue.

When you leave the bar at 2 am, you have no choice but to call a car. It's simply the most efficient and safe way to get home, especially if your city's public transportation system shuts down on the early side.

But when you finish your day partying, you have a plethora of options. You could take a reasonably-priced cab or the subway. You could even walk if you wanted to. That's money in your pocket for another round of vodka sodas.

The vibe is much more casual.

Can you say you're actually COMFORTABLE when you go out at night? "Going out" clothes are the most constricting creations the fashion industry could think up. Stiff shoes, button-down shirts, sequins. And that doesn't take into account perfectly coiffed hair (and makeup for the ladies).

But when you're hanging with your buds during the day, anything goes. You can throw on that pair of shorts you wore earlier in the week and look totally appropriate. Sandals and sneakers are fully acceptable.

Day parties are all about taking people as they are.

It's the best way to bond with your friends.

When you're out at night, there's always something in the back of your mind that's nagging you to meet someone new. It's totally ridiculous and unnecessary, but that seems to be where all of your actions lead.

But the daytime is a different story. Day partying is where you bond with your friends.

You aren't thinking about whom you're going to chat up next. You're spilling the deets about the person you met last weekend. You're complaining about your boss. You're planning your next road trip.

Day parties are where the real bonding happens between you and your friends. You order another vodka cranberry, spontaneously decide to move to another location and continue to make more memories.

What could be better than that?