5 Things You Still Talk About At The "Kids' Table" With Your Cousins As 20-Somethings

by Kristin Corpuz

No matter what age you are, you, your siblings, and your cousins will always be seen as "the kids" at the family Christmas gathering. This likely means you'll always have your own table. And even though you're 20-somethings now, you might not see each other very often, so when you're finally together again, you have a ton to catch up on. These are definitely a few of the things you still talk about at the "kids' table" with your cousins.

Celebrating the holidays with your extended family is always the best, because it means you and your siblings are able to spend quality time with your cousins. (And let's be honest: They're the coolest.) They already know everything about you and your family. They laugh at all of your dad's corny jokes, and are right by your side to get through your relatives' prying questions together. You can drink some wine (if you're 21 or over), and gossip about your family while your parents all catch up, too.

No matter how much time passes, or even who gets married, you and your cousins will still be passing the time at the "kids' table" on Christmas Day. You really wouldn't have it any other way.

You Enjoy A Little Lighthearted Gossip About Your Extended Family

Let's be real: One of the things you look forward to the most is the annual gossiping session with your cousins at the "kids' table." Of course, this is nothing mean-spirited, but it's always lighthearted fun to chuckle at Uncle Sal's holiday puns, or Aunt Sally's fruit cake that jiggles a bit when you touch it. Ah, family — gotta love them!

Your Cousins Might Be The Only People Who Can Get You To Dish On Your Secret Crush

You're probably so over your relatives asking why you're single, so you don't want to have to answer questions about that person in your chemistry class that you're secretly crushing on. You can, however, dish all of the juicy deets to your cousins, who you know will totally support you. They'll also ask you for all of the info they need to make your crush something a little more.

Your cousins are arguably the best wing-people, and you not-so-secretly wish they went to your school so they could help you out a little bit.

You Collectively Eye Roll When Your Nosy Aunt Asks Too Many Personal Questions

We all have that aunt or uncle. You know — the one who asks a lot of personal questions, like how much you make at your job and who you voted for in the last election. (Don't they know that you're not supposed to talk politics at the Christmas table?)

Even though the questions are prying and can be kind of annoying, it's easy for you to find solace and sympathy in the collective eye rolls shared with your cousins.

You Make Plans To Sneak Into The Kitchen And Grab Food Before Everyone Else

You and your cousins think that your moms are the best cooks in the world, so when all of them get together to make the family's Christmas spread, it's a pretty big slice of heaven. Naturally, it's quite difficult to wait around for everyone to be ready before you have your first bite.

You and your cousins are experts at plotting to get your hands on some of your mom's signature sweet potato casserole, and their mom's baked mac and cheese. One of you acts as a distraction, while another one runs in and loads up a plate so you can enjoy some yummy food before everyone else does.

You Reminisce About Christmases In The Past

Every year, it's a tradition to reminisce about all of the past Christmases you celebrated together — from dressing in matching reindeer onesies when you were little, to playing touch football against the grown-ups in the backyard after last year's meal. This makes you nostalgic AF, and is hands-down one of your favorite things to talk about at the kids' table.