5 Things To Do At A Ski Resort If You Don't Ski, That'll Make Your Trip So Memorable

Imagine this: You and your go-to travel buddies are on a winter trip. You decided to check out this new, very Instagram-worthy ski resort in the mountains and spend a weekend exploring the outdoors. One of your friends loves to ski and snowboard, and the other is always excited to try something new. On the other hand, you don't know how to ski and aren't really interested in learning that pizza move. Ugh! What are you going to do? Well, there are actually so many things to do at a ski resort if you don't ski, that'll make your next winter trip so memorable. Pinky promise, OK?

Soon enough, you'll be looking back on these few days and wishing you could do it all over again. You'll be remembering the memories you made when you were ice skating, and the really good sandwich you ate in that café in the middle of town. You'll be posting pictures of the snowy mountains and cute spots that you found, captioning each with the words, "take me back." Traveling has a way of doing that — turning the expected completely upside down, and giving you experiences that you never knew you would love or have.

So, long story short: It's going to be good. In fact, thinking about these five things, in particular, that you can do has me wanting to book a trip of my own. Lift passes and lots of equipment? Not even required.

Go Snowshoeing Through The Trails
Logan Cole (Coleman-Duarte)/Stocksy

Any winter sport takes some practice. But, one that you can easily pick up on and will truly enjoy is snowshoeing. It allows you to explore the mountain, get moving, and breathe in the fresh air. Sounds pretty sweet already, huh?

You can most likely rent the snowshoes and a set of poles at your resort, so that you don't need to invest in anything. But, be sure to bring a pair of quality gloves, a scarf, and a cute hat along with you.

Take A Snowboarding Lesson Or Two
Marco Govel/Stocksy

Snowboarding is another exciting thing to do on a winter getaway. Sure, you may be thinking, "If I can't or don't like to ski, why should I pick up this sport?" And you're right — you should only do what you're comfortable with. But, if you're looking for something adventurous and active while you're at the resort, then taking a lesson or two in snowboarding might be a good idea.

You may fall, but you'll learn how to get back up and shred the beginner slopes. An instructor will be with you the entire time to make sure that you're having the best time. Who knows, you may find that you really love shredding the trails, and end up riding the lift all afternoon. Be sure to treat yourself to a cup of hot cocoa after having snow much fun, too.

Hit Up The Spa For A Facial And Massage
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Staying at a resort means a few things. You get to sleep in the coziest blankets, and there are those fluffy robes waiting for you in the bathroom. There's also probably a spa that you have total access to. Pedicures, massages, and facials? Um, yes please!

If you don't ski, then spending your day there is ideal. You're on vacation, after all, and deserve to get your rest and relaxation on. Bring a couple of your travel buddies along, and enjoy soaking in the hot tubs or hanging out in the saunas.

Explore The Shops And Restaurants Nearby

One thing that you should do on any sort of getaway is explore. The world is full of quaint, little spots that you can call your own. It's up to you to make the most of your time and find them.

So, if you don't ski, take it upon yourself to go outside and find an experience that's just as beautiful. Simply grab a map at the resort, and ask for some recommendations or names of places to go. Rent a car or take your own, and explore all the shops and restaurants that are in the nearby town.

You might walk away with some cute souvenirs, like an ornament for your Christmas tree next year or a new mug for hot cocoa. Not to mention, seeing the snowy mountains from down below will leave you in awe.

Go Ice Skating For An Afternoon
Helene Cyr/Stocksy

The slopes aren't for everyone. But, ice skating is an activity you can get behind. Sure, you might not be a pro. You may slip every once in a while, or hold onto your travel buddy for extra help. The pictures and memories you get while you're doing it, though, are priceless.

So, while some people are skiing, plan to hit up a local rink and skate for the entire afternoon. It'll be so rewarding to, once again, get some fresh air and do something very wintery in the chilly weather.

When all is said and done, don't forget to get that hot cocoa at the resort or grab a warm bite to eat at a restaurant. It'll be a winter getaway for the books — pinky promise!