5 Things That Never Change With Your Hometown Besties, No Matter How Old You Get

Ivo de Bruijn/Stocksy

You weren't kidding when you said best friends forever. Sure, it was just a pinky promise you made in second grade, but you've stuck to it ever since, and don't plan on that ever changing no matter how old you all get. You've wandered off to college, and come back on the breaks to the best reunions with your besties. Truth is, you always find your way back home, and it's because of the friends you made so long ago that make this place seem sort of perfect in a way. There are some things that never change with your hometown friends — and you're so happy that's the case, because you're comfortable with your crew.

At any moment, they'd be the ones you'd choose for adventure. Drives around town blasting throwbacks from your days of middle school dances, hitting up the local diner for milkshakes, and spontaneously eating ice cream on the floor of your family's kitchen really never get old. You have inside jokes that to this day make you laugh, and nostalgia is never out of the question.

They've been there since day one when there were diapers, and they'll be there causing trouble in the nursery home with you, too. You'll likely find new cities and places in this world that feel more like home than your town, but these five things still won't change with the friends you'll have forever.

Your Inside Jokes

Oh boy, you have shared a lot of laughs. It's the "had to be there" moments and the weird situations nobody would ever understand, but make you two fall on the floor. Truth is, no matter how old you get, you'll always have your memories with your hometown bestie — and therefore, your inside jokes, too.

Some things just never get old, and those little things that make you laugh together will be pulled out in the stickiest of situations to bring out some much-needed humor. Maybe you constantly kid about how you both thought that heavy eyeliner was a good idea, or would pretend to sleep when your parents came down during a sleepover. Whatever it may be, keep calm and laugh on — because those things will never change.

Your Extended Family

Your hometown bestie could walk through your front door unannounced, and it honestly would never be weird. You might not even be home, but she'd sit there and hang with your family like it was her own.

Truth is, she grew up around your siblings and the rest of your squad, and so she's never felt uncomfortable in any situation with them. They've seen her at the worst, the best, and the most awkward of the awkward phase. Like her relationship with you, there's honestly little-to-no filter involved, and you feel just the same when it comes to her world, too.

You could raid the snack cabinet or cook yourself a meal and know exactly where everything was in the kitchen. You'll never live without your hometown friends — or at the very least, they'll always feel close by — and their family is kind of part of that package deal.

Your Favorite Places

One of my best friends from home and I used to always go to this diner in our town every Wednesday after school. The place has been there since the '60s, but we loved the vibe of it and would sit in the booth for hours and order just a plate of home fries. To this day, the diner is kind of part of our friendship traditions. Coming home from college for the holidays and summertime meant late night drives that ended in even more crispy potatoes and breakfast food. It's something we just won't ever give up.

You and your hometown friends have your "diner," too. They're sort of like a happy place that you have together and somewhere you can always wander to when you're bored in bed or unsure of what to do. Forever friends make for forever homes — and you'll always love hitting up your favorite places.

Your Nonexistent Filter

You tell each other everything. Nobody quite gets your brain like your bestie, and there's not a secret or dream of yours that she doesn't know about. On breaks from school, you'd both come home and dish all the drama you'd heard while you were away. And you'd share all your wildest ideas with her, just because you know she won't judge you too hard. She's your soul sister, after all, so all of the same thoughts are already probably going through her head.

When we're truly comfortable with our friends, we reach a certain level of weirdness with them. You and your hometown besties are honestly way beyond that point now, and you're happy it won't change forever and ever.

Your Unconditional Love

Our hometown friends become our family, and when they reach that level, there's just no limit on our love. She could mess up big time and you'd still have a special spot in your heart for her, and be helping her figure it out the whole way through. You'd back up her craziest ideas, and could go months without talking or texting and still pick up right where you left off.

In my opinion, unconditional love is hard to come by in relationships — but in friendships, it's fairly easy. You two have such a past, present, and future and you can't imagine living life without her even somewhat by your side. Sure, you might not always be geographically in the same place, but distance only makes the heart grow fonder. And you know that if you ever really needed anything, she's always just a phone call away.