5 Texts To Send The Day Of Your First Date To Confirm You're Still On

If you’ve got a first date on deck, you’re probably brimming with some combination of excitement, nerves, anticipation, and perhaps a pinch of panic. After all, the possibilities are endless. Sure, it could be awkward AF, but it could also be totally amaze — and based on your banter thus far, you’re leaning toward the latter. But before you get carried away fantasizing (or agonizing), it’s worth making sure you’re still on. Because the depressing reality is, people are flakier than ever in today’s dating world. Looking for some texts to send the day of your first date to confirm it’s still happening? Fret not — I have a few ideas that should do the trick.

Confirming your plans via text is a smart move before a first date because TBH, you don’t really know how reliable this person is yet, and you haven’t built up any kind of connection, either, which means they may be more likely to bail. (Basically, they don’t know how amazing you are yet. Because obvi, if they did, they’d never flake out or cancel.) Confirming your date gives you peace of mind that they haven’t had a change of plans or a change of heart.

The only question is, what should you say? Sure, you could opt for a simple, “we still on?” but there’s hardly anything unique or attention-grabbing about that. Why not use this as an opportunity to not only confirm your plans but also load on the charm? Here are a few texting templates to get you started.

Looking forward to finally meeting you tonight!

This one is pretty straightforward, but also highly effective. In general, it’s better to use a confident statement to confirm your date, rather than a question.

If you ask, “You still good to meet at 7?”, you’re essentially giving them an out. But with this text, you’re simply reminding them that you both committed to a plan, and best of all, you’re also expressing enthusiasm about that plan. Trust me, that enthusiasm is bound to be contagious.

Our timing couldn’t be better — could really use a margarita after this meeting. #CaseOfTheMondays.

There’s nothing wrong with infusing a little subtle humor into your text — in fact, it’s a great way to keep things light while also firming up your plans. Something along these lines is bound to inspire some commiseration from your date. Plus, you’ll remind them that you both have something to look forward to after a long work day.

Make sure to bring your ___ tonight! You'll see why later...

If you’re the one who planned the date, this text can accomplish two things. Not only are you making sure you’re still on, but you’re also giving your crush a clue about what you’ll be doing later. This will naturally build some anticipation leading up to your first meeting.

For example, if you’re planning to go for a stroll or a bike ride before grabbing drinks, you might say, “Make sure you wear comfy shoes tonight!” Or, you if you’re taking them to a bar that has trivia, you could provide a hint by saying something like, “I hope you know a lot about 90s music — you’re going to need that knowledge later!”

The best part about this kind of exchange is that it can naturally encourage some flirty banter. When your date asks what you’re doing, you can tell them, “No more hints, you’ll see! [insert smirk emoji].”

Hey, fellow beer nerd — a new craft brewery just opened up around the corner from me! Want to go there tonight instead?

By now, you’ve likely learned at least a little bit about your date’s hobbies, passions, or tastes. So, why not suggest a thoughtful change of plans that are tailored to their interests? This text is a clever way to confirm your plans while also demonstrating that you care enough to remember the tidbits they’ve revealed about themselves.

You gonna be hungry later? I know a bomb falafel place right down the block from that bar.

It’s pretty much a known fact that first dates are more likely to involve drinks than dinner, because it's considered less risky. There's good reason for this — if the date goes poorly, you can down one drink and dash. With dinner, however, you might get stuck at a table through three uncomfortable courses, desperately to flag down the waiter or worrying about how to divvy up the bill. The only problem with this trend is that if you’re meeting for after work libations, you don’t really have time to down some dinner — which means that second glass of wine is going to hit you pretty hard (#DangerZone).

This text confirms your plans, of course, but it also opens up the possibility that you and your date can grab some grub if things are going well. Getting some peace of mind that your date will be showing up and that you’ll be eating? Now that’s killing two birds with one stone.

There’s no harm in confirming your plans before a first date — and not just to ensure that you don’t get stood up. Shooting your date a quick text can give you an opportunity to stoke the excitement leading up to your hang out, and even get your flirt on before meeting face to face for the first time. So, what are you waiting for? Get typing — because you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.