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5 Texts To Send The Day Of A Date To Confirm You Won't Be Stood Up

Oh, hello. Welcome to the year 2017, the age of internet dating, where it is completely normal to stand up a date because, eh, what do you owe that stranger whose face you swiped on an app, right? I'm a bit surprised at how bitter I sound, considering the fact that I've never been stood up. However, I think the consensus amongst decent human beings is that standing a date up is naughty. The good news about 2017? There are texts to send via that screen that you always keep in your hands to mitigate the risk of sitting alone at a bar on a Tuesday.

While I've never been stood up, I was recently bailed on at 6:50 p.m. the night of a date due to "rain." First off, I live in New York and not LA, so rain is a thing that happens regularly. Second, even in LA, "rain" is not an excuse. "Working late" is. There were some warning signs that I had missed — while we had confirmed our plans to go bowling that evening (my friend inspired me to go on an activity date), we had not confirmed a start time. Major red flag, but I consistently ignore red flags in life, so oops! He also had told me this would be his first app date. Whatevs, though. In the end, I, too, was happy that I had a free Tuesday and that was that.

Here are some texts you can send your date if you start smelling the cowardly stank of "I'm going to stand you up":

1. "Hey, still on for tonight?"

This is an obvious text to send. Straight to the point. Answer requisite within a normal timeframe to maintain any future communication. Alas, you could send this and still get ditched — you know, especially if it rains.

I think sending this text mid-afternoon is a great way to no-pressure gauge where your date is at. It's also pretty low pressure, and you'll be able to tell if they are looking to weasel out of the date immediately.

2. "What time works for you tonight?"

Better yet, "Does 8 work for you tonight?" Asking your date about a specific time is pretty much just a smoother way of asking them if they are going to bail or not. This text also puts slightly more pressure on them not to bail. The best dates I've had in my life have been with people who are concrete about timing and plans. Even if they are running a bit late, a good date will be specific about when you can expect them. Punctuality is pretty darn hot.

3. "Want to meet at [insert sweet bar name here]?"

Another way to definitely figure out if you are going to get stood up while also taking control of your love life is to suggest a place to meet to your date. It's 2017, gender norms are out, and anyone can pick a date spot. Again, I also always find a suggestion much more attractive than an open-ended "Where should we go?"

4. "Hey! Just got here. See you soon."

To be used only once you are actually sitting down at the agreed upon date spot. If you don't hear from them within five minutes, assume the worst, but don't send them angry texts — who knows, they could have an amazing apology, or they could've been hit by a car. In any case, treat yourself to a date and buy yourself the most expensive cocktail on the menu. Dating is hard.

5. "Looking forward to tonight. Let me know if [insert spot /time here] is still good for you."

Yes, even if you have confirmed the date the evening before, it's worth shooting a text your date's way the day of. This is life, and sh*t comes up. Plus, it's always nice to compliment a date likely by showing your excitement to meet them in advance of the actual event.

Here's the thing: Dating can be frustrating, especially when you're organizing dates with strangers from the internet. When a first date doesn't go well, you feel like you've lost a night that you could have spent with friends or your spinning instructor. You've probably wasted some expensive BB cream and primer, and it's annoying. But sometimes, you go on a great date, and everything changes. So send a clear, precise text confirming your date so that you don't get stood up. And if someone stands you up anyway? Welp, at least you figured that out right away. Have fun out there.

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