The Perfect Reject Text To Send After A Bad Date, Based On How Badly It Went

by Sean Abrams

Even the most promising text interactions with a regulation, grade-A hottie can end with a mediocre or even bad date.

It's pretty confusing, I know. You're attracted to them physically, sure, and the conversation seems to be there, but when you meet in person, it's extremely underwhelming.

I've met up with guys before who, once face-to-face with me, completely shut down. Though chatty and flirtatious over text, they freeze up and lose all forms of social skills.

There's always a level of awkwardness with first dates, but usually, you get into a groove after a few drinks. And before you know it, you're locking lips outside the restaurant.

But if those uncomfortable silences continue to persist during the entirety of your date, leave while you can. Though, escaping from your awful first date doesn't mean it's the last you've heard from that person.

Even though your experience was less than pleasurable, they might not've gotten the hint. Then, you get home only to receive that "I had a good time tonight" text and freeze.

Do you ghost 'em and pretend you never got the text?

That would be a no because ghosting is for fools. So instead, you have to craft the perfect reject text to settle things once and for all.

Below, you'll see the perfect reject text to send after a date, based on how badly the date went.

If he was a first-class gentleman, but just not your type

It's hard to deny someone when they were actually a perfect angel with minimal flaws and would probably be best friends with your grandmother.

But unfortunately, you can't force romantic feelings and if you're not into someone, that's just how it is. In this case, you're allowed to follow up their text with a straightforward answer. Praise them with compliments, let them know they are straight fire, but be truthful in that you're just not the one for them.

They deserve your honesty.

If you didn't really feel any connection whatsoever

Though you went into the date optimistic, the only thing you enjoyed was your overpriced cocktail.

You were itching to leave the entire time, full-on inhaling the food and drinks in front of you, but your date just never seemed to acknowledge your eagerness to escape.

It's not to say they were a bad person. You just knew it wouldn't go anywhere. At that point, all you could think about were the more exciting things you could be doing in that moment.

So if this kind of date decides to follow up for a second date, compose a message that hints at you being too busy to function.

You foresee a heavy workload, a surprise vacation and a terrible rain storm in your future, so a second date will just have to wait.

Hopefully, they'll forget to follow up once you're "not busy anymore" and you can wash your hands of them (and their number).

If he was just a complete and total dick the entire time

I'm not sure where someone thinks they can be an asshole when you just met, but trust me, it happens.

I've been called a slut over casual conversation "as a joke" when it's been completely unwarranted, yet the guy followed up asking why I never texted him for a second date. Quite a set of balls he had, but I had no problem knocking him down a peg.

If your date thinks being a dick is the best way to score a second date, they couldn't be more wrong. This isn't high school — I'm not looking for the bad boy.

Sure, you could just not answer them, but where's the fun in that?

Instead, compose a text and be direct and even cold if you want to be. Don't let him think his actions are normal, and let him know being an asshole won't get him anywhere, especially into your pants.

The goal of the date is to find dick, not date one.

If you were mutually aware it was going nowhere

There's nothing worse than not being on the same page as your date. Who wants to be told they're inadequate? The answer: no one.

So if you don't seem like you're hitting it off, the next best scenario is... well, both of you having a mutual disinterest in each other.

If you both meet up, look each other up and down and grunt, there's nothing wrong with that. Sure, you could still be laying in bed upside down with a jar of peanut butter on your lap, but just enjoy your meal, a bit of social interaction and be on your way.

There's no use beating around the bush on this one. And, if you're lucky, maybe they won't even text you after.

But if they do, it's probably just a courtesy. Respond with a simple, one-word answer and live happily ever after, still single AF.

Onto the next one!