Here's How To Meet All Your New Year's Resolutions At Starbucks, According To An Expert

Picture this: a carefully written list of aspirations, decorated with colorful doodles or stickers, and hung somewhere familiar where you can see it every day. I truly do love taking the time to write out my goals for each new year, but sometimes it's easy to feel a little lost when it comes to how, exactly, you can incorporate these things into your actual everyday life. Fortunately, there's one staple in your morning routine that presents plenty of opportunities to help you get started with your resolutions: Starbucks certified nutritionist Kate Schenk says these five Starbucks-inspired New Year's resolutions will kick off your 2019 with a serious bang.

Chances are, you either already frequent Starbucks on the reg, or you at least pass by one almost every day. But while you might know the coffee giant for its array of festive caffeinated bevs, it actually has so much more to offer than coffee alone. No matter what you're resolving to take on in 2019, there's bound to be a tasty breakfast sandwich or a soothing tea that can help you meet your goals just a little bit more easily (and with more yummy flavor).

If you're feeling a little lost as to how to achieve something like using your diet to boost your energy levels or expanding your palate to include more veggies, here are some easy ways Starbucks can help you get started.

Give yourself midday chill time with a cup of tea

While a strong cup of coffee might give you the jolt of energy you need to power through a busy afternoon, 2019 is all about relaxing your mind instead of constantly finding ways to stimulate it.

In the new year, set intentions to chill out a bit more in the middle of the day by enjoying a soothing cup of (decaffeinated) tea. "Whether you’re at your desk or on the sofa after a long day, a cup of tea is a simple way to slow down and unwind," Schenk tells Elite Daily over email.

"If you’re needing a break from the chaos, Teavana Mint Majesty and Teavana Peach Tranquility are two herbal options that offer natural sweetness without the sugar," she suggests. "It’s a simple way to take a moment, wherever you are."

Eat more veggies on-the-go

"The average American doesn’t consume nearly enough fruits or vegetables," says Schenk. (The U.S. Department of Agriculture suggests that as much as half of your plate during a meal should be produce.)

You might picture a resolution to eat more produce and think of piles and piles of fresh groceries, but that's not always possible with a busy schedule, or the quick, crisp-to-slimy timeline of something like spinach. "While green juice is no substitute for eating whole vegetables, it does provide a convenient way to squeeze more leafy greens into the diet," Schenk recommends. "Fresh cold-pressed green juices, like Organic Green Devotion, are a simple way to get more nutrients from green vegetables."

Keep your energy levels balanced with strategic meals

If you're hoping to avoid that annoying midday slump in the new year, one surefire way to sustain your energy throughout the day is to make sure you're eating enough protein for breakfast and for lunch. Grab some Sous Vide Egg Bites along with your morning frappe, or stop into your local Starbucks for one of the protein-focused meals, all of which have at least 20 grams of the nutrient and a full cup of fruits and vegetables. Schenk recommends trying the Smoked Turkey Protein Box or the PB&J Protein Box for a tasty meal that won't leave your stomach rumbling by the time 3 p.m. rolls around.

Consider your relationship with coffee

If 2019 is the year you're considering switching up your four-cup-a-day coffee habit, there's absolutely no need to wave goodbye to Starbucks forever. "Any beverage can be made with decaf espresso, and you can ask for your barista to freshly brew you a cup of decaf coffee," suggests Schenk. If you consider decaf to be almost sacrilegious, try branching out a bit and ordering a rich hot chocolate, a spicy chai latte, or a lightly floral Teavana herbal tea instead — no caffeine jitters included.

Experiment with a new way of eating

Maybe you've decided the upcoming new year is your time to officially begin experimenting with flavorful vegan options and meatless meals. You might not realize it, but Starbucks offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian options, many of which can also inspire you to incorporate new ingredients into your own home cooking. "Customers can opt for items like protein boxes, which include a full cup of fresh fruits and vegetables," says Schenk, "a variety of plant-based alternative milks like almond, coconut, and soy, and convenient packaged foods like roasted nuts."

Additionally, the Hearty Veggie & Brown Rice Salad Bowl, for example, is full of so many delicious ingredients, like roasted butternut squash, garden peas, and lemon tahini, that you might not even notice you're eating so many nutrient-dense veggies in one meal.