5 Signs You Reached Success As A Millennial & It's Actually Not What You'd Think

When you think of success, what comes to mind first? For some people, success may be defined by having a penthouse suite, shiny new car, and designer wardrobe, or a top position at an elite company. For others, it's being genuinely happy where you're currently at in life, with whatever you have — or some combination the two. For me, I think it's just knowing that, as a 20-something, I'm doing my very best, living in a new city by myself and navigating adulthood. Do you feel the same way, too? Well, then let me give you the scoop: There are so many signs you're successful as a millennial. *Cue the confetti and rounds of applause.*

Sure, you may be renting affordable (but charming) accommodations when you travel instead of rooms in luxury hotels. But, you're unapologetically yourself and believe whole-heartedly in your dreams to be an influencer or start your own business somewhere down the line. You don't compare yourself to others, nor do you second-guess your decisions about, well, anything. You're perfectly content with your current situation, and really wouldn't have it any other way.

All in all, you're successful for so many reasons. Right now, though, we're going to focus on these five.

You Don't Give In To FOMO
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First things first: You're successful as a millennial, because you don't give into the FOMO. This is the feeling that you may get when all of your friends are going out on a Saturday night, and you're staying in. It's the feeling that makes you say, "Yeah, sure," to plans that you really aren't about.

But, you conquered it. You found peace and happiness in skipping out on nights at the bar for some "me" time. You don't feel bad about the inside jokes you have to catch up on, or the group texts you muted when you really need to disconnect and recharge.

Honestly, that deserves a round of applause, because facing FOMO isn't easy. (Take it from me!) You did it, though, and continue to do it very successfully.

You Enjoy Doing Things Alone
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Next, you really enjoy doing things alone. You love having a day entirely to yourself, to do whatever you please. You also don't mind creating that "me" time and space for yourself if your schedule doesn't allow for it. (I'd say that makes you pretty successful as a millennial!)

Truth is, not everyone is comfortable with exploring a city by themselves or eating at a restaurant solo. They don't like that there's nobody to tell them what subways to take and where, or to talk to about the specials on the menu. They find doing things alone to be straight-up lonely.

You know, however, that there is a big difference between "being alone" and "being lonely." So, you're able to appreciate and truly enjoy times when you get to roam around the farmers markets in the sunshine and go to the movies without anyone else.

You Don't Take Life Too Seriously
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Growing up, you learned one important lesson about life: Don't take it too seriously. You learned that when you do something hilariously embarrassing (like where the exact same outfit as your best friend), it's better to smile and say, "Whoops!" You learned that when things don't go quite according to plan, it's better to laugh it off, then move on.

It's been really helpful as you continue to navigate the world as a millennial. For example, when you have to ask your parents for #adulting help, you call them up and giggle the words, "So, I have a question for you." You tell them about how you think you broke your coffee maker, or sent in your rent check for the first time and forgot to sign the bottom.

They laugh along and remind you that having questions is totally OK. The best part? Your best friends stand by your side while you're on the phone and smile with you, too.

You Talk About Your Thoughts And Feelings

In high school, I was truly terrible at talking about my thoughts and feelings. I didn't want to share my opinions, in fear that they were wrong or that they'd start a huge conversation. I just nodded along at most things, until one day, I realized that wasn't doing me any good.

I realized that it made me a follower, instead of a leader, and changed my actions immediately. You may have had a similar experience, and have also changed your outlook on communication for the better.

Now, you might tell your best friends how you feel about certain situations and voice your thoughts in the group chat. You may tell your sister when you really don't like her new outfit, and don't beat around the bush. Good for you! That's a huge step to take in life, and one that makes you successful as a millennial.

You Don't Define Your Future
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Last but not least, you're successful as a millennial because you stopped planning out your future and decided to just live. You pushed aside questions like, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" Who actually knows the answers to those kind of questions? (Not me!)

Honestly, it's ridiculous that they're even posed — that, as a millennial, you're expected to have this grand thing called life all figured out right now. Sure, it's good to know your passions, dreams, and interests so that you can work toward them and become the best version of yourself. But, defining what will happen every day of your life just isn't #necessary.

You believe in yourself, and that's all that really matters. You have a strong inner compass, and that's good, too. The rest will naturally fall into place when it's meant to. Realizing that simple fact makes you successful as a millennial in the meantime. Did you know that? I bet you didn't.