5 Romantic Ways To Celebrate Halloween If It’s Just You & Bae This Year

When pondering holidays that have the most romantic potential, Halloween often gets pushed to the wayside. Sure, it's definitely considered by many to be one of the most ideal days of the year to go out in search of a casual hookup. However, it's probably safe to say that the majority of people overlook All Hallows Eve as a night that can present some romantic opportunities to spend time with a partner or date. For starters, romantic ways to celebrate Halloween 2018 can include just about anything you and your partner would enjoy doing together. You don't have to wear a costume and hit the town if that's not necessarily you and bae's scene. That said, taking advantage of all the fun and special activities that only happen during the fall season can be a really enjoyable break from the norm, costumes not required.

The fact that Halloween lands on a Wednesday this year also means that most people with nine-to-five jobs aren't going to be able to go as ham on the actual day as they would've if it was on the weekend. But, before you resign you and your bae to watching your go-to show and heading to bed early, here are five romantic date ideas you could try out instead.

Dinner And A Scary Movie Marathon

Nothing feels more Halloween-y than re-watching a few of your favorite scary movies. If dancing the night away in a sweltering club strapped into a suffocating costume ain't your style, then spending the night cooking your favorite fall meal and snuggling up is definitely not a bad idea.

Picnic In A Cemetery

If you can get over the initial strangeness of eating and lounging in a cemetery, then I promise you won't be disappointed. IMO, cemeteries aren't nearly as "creepy" as pop culture makes them out to be. They can actually be really beautiful and relaxing, especially during the day and early evening. Pack a dinner, blanket, and bottle of wine and you're good to go. Just remember to be respectful of the site — so don't get blackout drunk and start tap dancing on the graves or something.

Pumpkin Patch Visit And Pumpkin Carving

Seriously, who doesn't love a good 'ol pumpkin patch? I can't think of a more low-key and romantic way to spend Halloween than visiting a pumpkin patch and picking out a couple of lovely new gourd friends. This way you can spend the evening at home sipping on tasty fall-inspired cocktails and carving up your pumpkins. And whatever you do, don't waste those seeds. You can throw them in the oven and have a yummy, healthy snack for the rest of the week.

Go Apple Picking And Make Fresh Candy Apples

If you haven't gone apple picking, let me be the first to tell you: You're definitely missing out. First off, apple groves present a very romantic backdrop for some kisses and cuddles. Not to mention, you get to bring home a bag of fresh, crisp apples. If making spooky poisoned apples isn't your thing, you and bae could bake an apple pie instead, or even whip up a hard apple cider. The possibilities are endless.

Halloween Themed Role-Play

For those of you who like to use pretty much anything as an excuse to try something new in the sack, Halloween certainly presents an opportunity to do that too. Always wanted to be arrested by a sexy police officer? Now's your chance. Brownie points if you both dress up and meet at a bar separately, which really challenges you both to stay in character.

Who says Halloween can't be spooky and romantic? If you and your bae are looking to mix up your plans for this year, there's no lack of fun, romantic ways to spend the evening.

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