5 Pinky Promises To Make With Your Best Friends Before You Tie The Knot

Before you tie the knot, you take time to write your vows. You write down everything you want to promise your significant other — that you'll be there through thick and thin, and continuously strive to give them the happiness and love they deserve. Those promises are meaningful things that come straight from the heart, and always make your friends and family tear up. But, what you might not have considered are the promises to make your friends before you get married. These things don't require a ring or entire ceremony, but they're super important.

The truth is, your friends are your soulmates. They're the ones you chose to be with since day one, and haven't left your side since then. Like your significant other, they understand how your brain works, and always encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

Unlike your significant other, though, these girls have been the ones you've gone to with your worst break-ups and butterfly moments. They were there for the long nights, talking and laughing in your car over milkshakes, and the embarrassing moments in between. You have quite the love story together, so it's only right that you make these people five promises. Pinky fingers out, OK?

You Will Take A Girls' Trip Once A Year

A lot of promises with your besties should include traditions — shows that you watch every week, foods that you eat every time you're together, or trips that you take once a year. Yes, I'm talking about the famous "girls' trip," where you and your besties get away from your busy schedules and spend a weekend elsewhere.

Make a promise before getting married, that you and your friends will try and plan one of these sweet vacations at least once a year. Maybe you'll rent a cute cabin in the mountains and go skiing, or head to an all-inclusive resort for some surf and sun. It's up to you, but put a ring on the idea of it, please!

You Won't Cancel Or Flake On Important Plans

Life tends to get busier and busier. Once you tie the knot, you may have more family commitments, and mutual couple friends to plan dinner dates with. Not to mention, you're taking trips with your significant other and enjoying your alone time together as a married couple.

In all of the business, it can be easy to flake or cancel on plans with your friends. Make a promise to your girls that you won't make this a regular habit. Sure, some changes in plans are understandable, but flaking on the reg gets old real fast.

You Will Keep Your Friends Updated On Life

You and your significant other tell each other everything. But, your friends still want to stay in the loop. They want to know about your stressful day at work, and make you feel better with memes or inside jokes from college. They want to hear about the good stuff, too, like married life and the trips you have in the books.

It might seem simple and easy to keep your girls updated on life. But, make a promise that you'll have weekly phone calls, keep up with the group chat, or have heart-to-hearts over coffee before saying, "I do."

You Won't Go To Sleep Mad At Each Other

Never going to sleep mad at each other is typically a promise between you and your significant other. But, it's actually a really good one to make with your friends, too. Truth is, life happens, and at some point you may have an argument with your girls. That's normal — just don't let the bad feelings linger too long.

Instead, promise each other that you'll face the situation head-on. You'll give each other the necessary time and space that you need, and then work through the issues. Every girl needs her friends by her side, married or not. Learn to apologize, compromise, and make amends.

You Will Always Be Totally Honest With Your Friends

Honesty is your best policy. And moving forward, through married life, make a promise to your friends that you will stay true and trustworthy.

For example, tell your besties that won't make excuses for when you can't make plans, or sugarcoat a situation that's pretty sticky. Instead, promise that you will continue to be open about your thoughts and opinions, as you've always been. Up until now, your besties have appreciated that they can always count on you — and sealing that deal for the future is never a bad idea.