5 Things You Learn About Your SO The First Time You Travel Together

Relationships have a lot of milestones, and you and your partner have likely been through some of the best ones. There was the first date when you ordered a box of pizza to take to the park, and laughed for hours. There was the movie-like kiss, and the moment when you met each other's friends (and down the line, parents). Now, you're heading off on an entirely new part of your adventure — one that may require a passport stamp or a sweet week spent on an island with someone you love. Yes, this will be the first time you travel with your partner. You should know that you're bound to learn a few things and take a million pictures, too.

First things first: Let's talk about what you and your partner have learned about each other so far. Although a lot of this depends on how long you've been dating and your individual relationship, there are some little things you know by now. For example, you likely know each other's biggest pet peeves, favorite foods, and most embarrassing stories. You also know what they're passionate about, and why. Those details helped you connect when you first met.

Now, you're ready to take the leap and try something new. Together, you booked a trip and are excited to check something off the bucket list. Throughout this entire experience, you'll likely learn these five things. Ready, set, go!

You Might Be Nervous, And That's Normal
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The first time you travel with your partner, you might be nervous. No matter how long you've been together or know this person, you just don't quite know what to expect. You hop on the plane with that same jittery feeling you had on your very first date. Thoughts are going through your head like, "Is this a bad idea?" Girl, don't doubt yourself or your partner.

Being nervous is very normal, and something that you're both probably feeling, too. Once the plane takes off and you're making memories together, all those nerves will go away. It's just part of the adventure.

Communicating Your Expectations Is Key
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Communication is key in any relationship. (You've heard that how many times now?) But, it's particularly important when it comes to your expectations.

More often than not, you assume that your partner knows what's going through your head, and that's not usually the case. Speaking your mind is essential, and something you will learn to do on this very first trip.

You may want to wake up early in the morning, while your bae wants to sleep in — or you'll want to relax and check out museums, while your significant other wants to go snorkeling or on a hike. Long story short: Talking about what you both want to get out of the experience before hitting the road is always a good idea.

You Should Give Your Partner Some Time And Space
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When you're traveling, you may assume that you need to be joined at the hip. You come to terms with the idea that you're a package deal, and that every experience needs to be a shared one. And if you're in another country or city that you've never been to before, then yes, it's good to stay close.

But, if you're able to, you'll learn that giving your partner time and space to himself/herself on a trip is really rewarding. It gives you both some solitude and stories to tell each other later on, and a sweet reunion after a couple hours apart.

The truth is, being your own person when you're in a relationship is so important. Traveling and having this same mindset is tricky, but makes for a well-rounded time.

Disconnecting From Your Screens Is Important

You and your partner have built a life together at home. But, when you're traveling, you're leaving those routines and schedules behind. You are saying goodbye to your friend group for a week in the tropics, and trading in your usual skylines. Disconnecting will make this experience so much sweeter.

As much as you two may want to check in with life back home, try and stay off your phones. Use them to tell your friends and family how you're doing, but then truly enjoy each other's company. Traveling in itself has a lot to offer — but adding your significant other to the equation means you're about to have a one-of-a-kind adventure. Don't miss it because of some screens.

You Are A Team, Whether You're Traveling Or Not

When it comes to facing anything in this world, you and your partner are a team. The good, the bad, and the beautiful — you're in it together. Traveling together for the first time will teach you this lesson first-hand.

Despite all of your prior planning, something might go wrong. Your flight may get delayed, or one of your dinners won't be as tasty as you were hoping for. Maybe you even missed out on a major landmark during the walking tour of the city.

In these moments, you and your significant other get the chance to problem solve. You get to focus on what makes you happy, and find the bright side in sticky situations. Together, you can do just about anything — from figuring out the subways in another country to making memories on your very first trip.