7 Things You Should Know About Your Partner Before Traveling Together, So You Stress Less

by Korey Lane

Going on vacation with your significant other can be a big step in a lot of relationships. No matter how long you've been dating this person, making the conscious decision to go somewhere together in advance means that you see them in your future. But if you're getting ready to take that step and hit the road with your boo, then these things you should know about your partner before traveling together are important to recognize.

And yes, even if you already live with your partner, there are some things that might come as a shock to you when you travel together. It's a learning experience, and one that can usually help couples grow together. But if you aren't prepared before you go on your trip, then you might be in for a surprise.

It doesn't exactly matter where you're going with your partner — you're still traveling together. By plane, train, or car, you're going to be spending a lot of time waiting — waiting to get to your destination, waiting for your plane to board, waiting, waiting, waiting. You might also be stressed about traveling in general, which means your partner might see a whole new side of you, and vice versa. This means you definitely want to know what to expect beforehand. Here's what several experts had to say on the matter, so that the only saltiness on you and bae's end-of-summer vacay is on the beach!

How they manage their money, and their vacation budget.

Now, maybe you've already kind of figured out how your partner likes to spend money. That's great, but you should definitely have a discussion about how much you're both willing to spend on this trip. Traveling is expensive, but that doesn't mean you both need to be shelling out tons of money on vacation. "Be aware of [your partner's] financial situation, and don't expect them to spend more than they can afford," dating coach and relationship expert James Preece told Elite Daily.

If they expect to have sex.

First let me start off by saying that you, by no means, should feel like you have to have sex with your partner. Sex is personal and intimate, and if you want to wait, then wait. But, if you are waiting, and you're taking a trip together, it's important to have a conversation to manage those expectations.

If you're planning on vacationing with your partner, but you've yet to sleep together, make sure a conversation is had before you hit the road. While Preece actually suggests crossing that milestone before traveling together, "as that could add extra pressure if they aren't," (sleeping together) ultimately, the way you handle it is up to you. Every relationship is different.

How "active" they like to be on vacation.

"Every vacation should have a purpose," Benjamin Ritter, relationship expert and founder of The Breakup Supplement, told Elite Daily. "Is it to spend time alone together and share new experiences? Is it to get to know each other's friends? Or is becoming a part of their family your goal?"

Talk about your expectations for the trip when it comes to activities, so no one will feel bored or exhausted from what you are doing.

What they want out of their trip with you.

Another important thing to discuss before you go on your vacay is why you're going on vacay. Is it to relax? To sightsee? To visit family? Whatever the reason, you and your partner need to agree on it.

"Testing the waters before committing to a big trip is key," millennial life coach Jess Hopkins told Elite Daily. "Plan a few smaller, lower stakes excursions that could emulate some of the challenges that could crop up on vacation. For example, go on a long hike or plan a full day of local museums to see how your partner fares when they start feeling 'over it.'"

What they're most looking forward to.

Going on a trip is exciting! And getting to go with your significant other is also exciting! But if you’re going to make such a big time commitment with someone, then it might be best to know what they’re most excited about on the trip. It’ll help both of you manage your expectations, and also help you prepare for their energy levels on the trip.

How much space they need.

Another important thing to know about your partner before you go away together is their threshold for being around you. While you may live together, or spend a lot of time together, traveling together is different. So, you should be prepared to know if your partner will need some dedicated alone-time on your trip.

"The biggest problem you might encounter on your first trip together is that you are spending too much time together," Ritter said. "Do what you need to feel centered in the morning, whether that's working out or reading a book. Just do your own thing."

Their habits.

Finally, it’s so incredibly important to know your partner’s habits before you jet off with them. If they like to sleep in, if they snore, if they take forever in the bathroom — you don’t want your trip to be full of arguing over little things like that, so make sure you’re prepared and aware of all your partner’s bad habits.

Going on a trip with your partner is exciting! Don't stress about it too much. It might not go perfectly, but nothing does, and that's OK. But if you know these things about your partner, then you'll at least be prepared for some of the obstacles that might come your way.

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