Make These 5 Promises To Your Best Friend Before They Move To A New City

Spoiler alert: This decade of your life will bring lots of change. You might be graduating college, starting to work for a new company, or moving to a new city. Some of the changes you'll totally expect, and others may catch you a little off guard. Either way, though, they'll be good and introduce you to a new chapter of your life. This chapter will be full of adventures, laughs, friends, and memories. It's really exciting, but also bittersweet. Truth is, this new chapter may bring changes like your BFF moving to another city where you won't be. If you're in that scenario, then you need to know some promises to make to your best friend before they hit the road to their new "home."

Believe it or not, these promises will mean more than any matching friendship bracelet you've ever had. They'll seal your bond and make you both realize that you have someone in your life who will be around for life's smallest and biggest moments. It's true: This BFF of yours will be in your wedding party one day, or texting you saying, "Hey, have you listened to the latest Jonas Brothers song?" You'll respond, "Duh," along with your full review of each lyric or high-pitched note. (Some things really never change.)

So before your best friend moves to a new city, have one more heart-to-heart. Extend your pinky fingers and make these five promises to each other. Got it? Good.

You'll Talk Or Text On The Reg
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First things first: Make a promise to each other that you'll always stay in touch. It sounds so simple and obvious, but it's good to reiterate — especially because life is only going to get busier and busier.

Your best friend may be moving for a new job, to be closer to their SO, or to follow a life-long dream of theirs. You may be getting involved in a new relationship, launching your own business, or spending time on your passion projects.

That's all amazing and inspiring — but it also may mean that you and your BFF may get pulled away from your ongoing conversations. Making this promise ensures that you'll both find time in your schedules going forward to catch up and laugh over old inside jokes, no matter what.

You'll Make An Effort To See Each Other
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As of right now, you and your BFF see each other regularly. You go on coffee dates on the weekends or hang at each other's apartments. You spend hours catching up on your favorite television shows together, and might have a tradition of ordering takeout on Monday nights.

Those are arguable some of the best moments you'll miss the most when your best friend moves to a new city, and they feel the same way. So it's #necessary that you make a promise that you'll make an effort to see each other — in person — as much as possible.

Truth is, as great as texting and calling can be to stay in touch, nothing quite compares to being in the same room. Sure, you probably won't be able to explore and go on an adventure every single weekend, but you'll likely be able to spend some weekends together. I'm confident in that.

You'll Be Understanding And Empathetic
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As someone else's BFF, you have many important jobs. You're the one in charge of bringing the ice cream and tissues when your best friend is going through a rough breakup, and requesting their favorite songs when you go out on Saturday nights. One of the most important jobs you have, though, is to always be understanding and empathetic. Here's why.

Life happens. You may get pulled away from your phone in the middle of work, and accidentally leave people on read. You might make plans that you later have to cancel, because you really need some "me time." That's OK, and it's OK if your BFF is in that position, too.

Now more than never before, express that. Show your BFF that you know sometimes things come up, and that you're going to be there for them through the thick, the thin, and all of life's random hiccups. In return, they can, and should, promise you that they'll never take advantage of that.

You'll Find Ways To Surprise Each Other
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To your best friends, you're the queen of surprises, smiles, and making them laugh. You know exactly what memes to send them when they're having a bad day, or what they really want for their birthday. (In fact, you have a note in your phone dedicated to them, and all the items they've mentioned over the years that they love.)

Going forward, don't lose that title. Promise your BFF that you'll continue to find ways to make their day, whether that be sending them a package with their favorite snacks in it or showing up on their doorstep with a huge hug ready to go.

Tell them that you'll be there for the big moments, and send them confetti emojis for the little victories, too. Trust me — it'll mean the entire world.

You'll Embrace All Of The New

Last but not least, promise your best friend that you'll embrace all of the new. Say "I love you," a million times, but also encourage them to find new BFFs who understand their love for chocolate pudding and the Fabulous Five from Queer Eye. That's what a good friend is supposed to do.

Truth is, change isn't always easy. I'm not going to sugarcoat it or beat around the bush. It's OK to feel uncomfortable at the idea of not having your BFF around 24/7. But it's also necessary to realize that this is life. People come and go, doors close, and other ones open wide and are full of welcoming arms.

Support each other during the tough times, love each other always, and live your #bestlife no matter what. The new is often beautiful and exciting, and you both won't want to miss out on a minute of it.